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Soy nuts are made from soybeans soaked in water, drained, and then baked or roasted.

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yes it does. soy beans produce a seed that complies with the ones found in the tree nut allergy. if allergic i suggest you stay away!!!

A soy nut is a soy bean roasted so that it can be eaten like a nut.

The nut allergies are related to soy allergies because nut and soy have similar proteins, the body reacts against these proteins.

Peanut; tree nut; fish; shellfish; egg; dairy; soy; wheat

Yes, they are. They do not contain nuts. There is a slight chance of soy allergens.

It is not a tree nut it's a sunflower seed.

Yeah, macadamia nut, also known as Hawaii nut or Queensland nut is nut from the evergreen macadamia tree.

A candle nut tree is hawaii's state tree a pretty tall tree

Cocoa beans are not considered a tree nut. However they do come from trees. The actual tree nut is the Cacao tree nut which contains the actual cocoa beans.

Soy beans, believe it or not, are actually . . . beans. They belong to the legume family.

Soy is actually the smallest edible nut. The largest edible nut in the entire world that is edible is the cocoa nut.

The nut, or fruit. of the oak tree is the acorn.

The Kukui nut tree (Candlenut tree) is the state tree. I do not think there is an official state nut- but the macadamia is pretty popular!

A cob-nut tree. They are a type of hazel nut.

Yes. A walnut is a tree nut.

The airport code for Nut Tree Airport is VCB.

If the child is dangerously allergic-avoid soy like the plague. The proteins can be similar.

yes its the nut of a horse chestnut tree.

A nut is a seed or fruit of a tree.

The ten most common food allergies are milk egg, tree nut, fish, shellfish, wheat, soy, peanut, hay fever, and pollen.

Yes. A macadamia nut is a very hard-shelled nut which grows on a tree that can grow quite large. The macadamia nut is also known as the "Queensland nut" or, in some area, "bauple nut" (pronounced "bopple").

A macadamia nut is grew from a Australian tree. or nut can be made when a men and women hump they produce nut

It means, I am a bore. Like you are a boring person.

The Official State Tree of Hawaii is the Kukui nut tree.

well soy nut butter tastes just like it but it's soy.

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