Is a star an asteroid?


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No. A star is a superheated ball of plasma that carries out nuclear fusion. An asteroid is a much smaller object made of rock and/or metal.

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There would no longer be an asteroid.

It looks like a star or possibly an asteroid. Obviously it is not a star or asteroid though.

If there is an atmosphere, the light will gradually dim as the asteroid approaches the asteroid.

No. In terms of composition an asteroid is more similar to a planet.

an asteroid is a huge or a small irregular rock which orbits a star and is made up of metals

Asteroid comes from the Greek word Aster meaning star.Other words that have Aster as there route :-Asterism(Star Constellation), Disaster (Bad Star), Asterisk (Small Star),

Asteroids (star-like) are rocky.

A solar system is a star and all the objects that orbit it. An asteroid is an object of rock and/or metal that orbits a star and is too small to be a planet.

... another star.A planet.A cometAn asteroid

The word asteroid is a noun. It is a celestial body that orbits a star. Other words for asteroid are sphere, planetoid, heavenly body, and orb.

An asteroid is a relatively small object in space composed primarily of rock and/or metal. An asteroid belt is a region in space around a star that has a higher then normal concentration of asteroids.

do you mean a shooting star? because a shooting star is actually an asteroid. that is all lies.

Niether, its a `Dwarf Planet`. Its much larger than an asteroid, able to hold itself into a spherical shape.

Star Blazers - 1979 The Asteroid Ring 1-9 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

It all depends on the density of the objects. Unlike in the Star Wars movies, the asteroid belt is not that dense so you would not likely hit an asteroid.

The Sun is a star also a ball of gas that is of course as we all know is boiling hot.

twinkle twinkle little star..

The Asteroid Belt is one of three asteroid formations in the solar system orbiting the star Sol. The Asteroid Belt does not occur Earth's atmosphere. In fact, it is more than 200,000,000 kilometers away from Earth.

Probably not a star. Could be a black hole, asteroid, or other spacial object.

The word asteroid is derived from the Greek word asteroeides, which means, "starlike". This comes from the Greek word, aster, which means star.

If it's an asteroid - it's normally called a disaster.I believe you are thinking of a meteor or shooting star.

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