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Is a stick bug an insect?

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Yes, stick insects are insects.

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What is the stick bug?

A stick bug is a insect that is comfleged as a stick which allows it to catch its orey with out warning.

What is a stick like bug called?

A stick insect.

What is the scientific name for walking stick insect?

walking-stick bug

What is the bug hides by disguising itself as a stick?

Leaf bug, praying mantis or the stick bug, disguise themselves in this way, but it is probably the stick insect you are thinking about.

What is a insect taht starts with s?

An insect that starts with 's' is the scale bug and the stick insect.

What is the longest bug?

Phobaeticus chani, which is a stick insect

What insect is string-like?

i think a stick bug

What is name of a bug that looks like a twig?

A stick insect.

What are facts about stick incects?

the interesting facts of a stick bug is that when predators come It will be shape as a stick and nobody or no bug /insect also a animal will even notice it.

Does a walking stick live alone?

Yes, the walking bug, or stick bug as it is often referred to does live alone. This insect is solitary and does not live in groups.

Is a mosquito a bug or an insect?

Bug is an informal word for insect, therefore a bug is an insect.

How long can a stick bug live?

One to two years, depends on what type of stick insect and the conditions their kept in.

Is a worm an insect or a bug?

A bug

Is a roach a bug or insect?

bug a roach is not an insect

Is a bug a insect?

no a bug is another word for insect.

Is the stink bug a reptile?

A stink bug is not a reptile, it is an insect.

What kind of insect that is a light brown and skinny?

A stick-bug they look like a twig from a tree

What are insects with no wings called?

They could be a stick insect, OR a bug with no wings. That is some Ideas from: AL33241

Do you have an insect for a pet?

yes infact i have a tarantula,two spiders,cockroach,stink bug,stick insect,an ant farm,scorpions,and crickets

Is a sow bug an insect?

A sow bug is NOT an insect. It is an insopod.

What group of insect is lady bug?

a lady bug is a insect

What insect starts with the letter s?

* sawfly * sand wasp * silverfish * soldier beetle * soldier fly * stick insect * stink bug * stonefly

What bug looks like a small orange praying mantis?

A small orange phasmid,(Stick insect)

Is a chinch bug an insect or bug?

Insect and bug. All bugs are insects, not all insects are bugs.

Is a caterpillar an insect or a bug?