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No. A stone is about 6.4 times heavier than a kilogram.

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Is a balloon lighter than 1 kilogram?

Is a ballon lighter than one kilogram

Is a kilogram lighter than a feather?

a kilogram is heaver then a feather

Is half a kilogram heavier than 750g?

There are 1000 grams in a kilogram. Therefore, half a kilogram equals 500g which is lighter than 750g.

Which is heavier a stone or a kg?

A stone is six times heavier than a kilogram: 1 stone = 6.35kg

How many stone in a kilogram?

1 kilogram = 0.15 stone.

Which is lighter a gram or a kilogram?

The gram, a kilogram is 1000 times heavier.

How does a limestone look?

It is much lighter than natural stone

What is half a kilogram to a stone?

1/2 kilogram = 0.07 stone

What is lighter a kilogram or a gram?

The gram is lighter. There are 1000g in 1kg

The Romans developed what to help them build t hat were lighter than stone?

The Romans developed concrete as a building material that was lighter than stone in some cases. They had different weights of concretes.

How many stone in one kilogram?

1 kilogram is approximately 0.16 stone.

Is a kilogram lighter than an ounce?

No. It takes a little over thirty-five ounces to make a kilogram, but since it takes a thousand grams to make a kilogram, the kilogram is easier to convert and most commonly used.

Is stone lighter than water?

no as it normally sinks down when put in water

Litres to kilograms?

A litre is a measurement of volume. A kilogram is a measurement of weight. In the metric system a thousand grams of water (1 kilogram) is one litre. Any other substance will depend on it's weight. It will be less than one kilogram for substances lighter than water and more than one kilogram for substances heavy than water.

Why does wood float but stone sink?

First, the stone sinks because of the weight, the wood would probably be much lighter than the stone.Second, the density. The stone is much more dense than the wood

What is a stone in kilogram?

1 stone = 6.35 kilograms.

What is 69.9 kilogram in stone?

One kilogram is equal to 0.1574730444178 stone. Therefore, 69.9kg = 69.9 x 0.1574730444178 stone = 11.0073658048 stone 69.9kg rounded to one decimal point in stone is thus 11.0 stone.

How many stone is in a kg?

1 kilogram = 0.16 stone.

What is 53 kilogram into stone?

53 kilograms = 8.35 stone

How many stone in a kilo?

1 kilogram = 0.16 stone.

10 stone into kilogram?

10 stone into kg. 63.6kg

What is 51 kilogram in stone?

51 kilograms = 8.03 stone.

How do you convert stone into kilogram?

kg divided by 6.35 = stone

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