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Q: Is a swift fox a producer?
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Is a swift fox a producer or consumer or decomposer?


What is the diet of a swift fox?

the swift fox is on a balanced diet.

How swift is a swift fox?

pretty swift.

What is the trophic level of a swift fox?

The swift fox is a secondary consumer.

How does a swift fox defend itself?

how a swift fox defends itself

How does Swift Fox look like?

The image above is a swift fox.

What made the swift fox endangered?

The swift fox is not an endangered species.

When did William Fox - producer - die?

William Fox - producer - died in 1952.

When was William Fox - producer - born?

William Fox - producer - was born in 1879.

Who is Taylor Swift's record producer?

Taylor Swift's record producer is Big Machine Records.

Where does the swift fox fit in the food web?

The swift fox is a secondary consumer.

Where is the swift fox in the food chain?

The swift fox is a secondary consumer and an omnivore.

Where is the swift fox found?

The map above illustrates the range of the swift fox.

What is the scientific name for swift fox?

The scientific name of the Swift Fox is Vulpesvelox.

Is a swift fox a primary consumer yes or no?

No, a swift fox is a secondary consumer.

Is a fox a producer consumer or producer?


Swift fox symbiotic relationships?

the swift fox has a symbiotic relationship with Steven Harper

Where does a swift fox live?

The swift fox has an unknown population, but most of them live in grassy areas or Canada.

Where does the swift fox hibernate?

Swift foxes do not hibernate.

Where does the swift fox live?

The image above shows the range map of the swift fox.

Is the swift fox dangerous?

The swift fox poses no danger to humans unless infected with rabies.

Is a fox a consumer producer a decomposer?

A fox is a consumer.

What does vulpes velox mean?

it means swift fox. vulpes means fox and velox is latin for swift

What does an swift fox eat?

a swift fox is an omnivore, so it eats snakes, lizards, and some plants

Why swift fox become extinct?

The swift fox became extinct because the fur trade people had been killing those fox to make fur, also the swift fox might had a bad habitat to live in.