Is a swordfish a producer?


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No A swordfish eats fish for energy.


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the behavoriol adaptations of a swordfish help fellow swordfish communicate with each other to live

the Swordfish are not listed as an endangered species. the Swordfish are not listed as an endangered species.

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All swordfish have the same gender and can mate with any other swordfish. Swordfish have an extra sense that can tell which way north is. Swordfish will attempt to mate with fish that have artificial "swords" attached to them. Swordfish don't have scales.

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NO! swordfish have no scales!

The swordfish are fish.

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Yes, a swordfish is a vertebrate as it has a backbone.

The swordfish. No it is not the swordfish but the sailfish.

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The plural of swordfish is swordfish. Occasionally, swordfishes may be used, but the former is more correct.

Adult swordfish can weigh up to 1,400 pounds. West Atlantic swordfish are no more then 700 pounds. Mediterranean swordfish weigh up to 500 pounds.

you can find a swordfish in warm and temperate oceans.

"Swordfish" was released in 2001.

Full grown swordfish have no teeth.

the young of swordfish is called "Knifefish"

English "the swordfish" is German: "Der Schwertfisch".

Swordfish are NOT amphibians, they must remain in seawater.

Swordfish was released on 06/08/2001.

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