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no not at all.

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Q: Is a thong comfortable
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Which girl underwear is the most comfortable thong bikini boy shorts hipster ext for a 12 year old boy?

The girl underwear style boy shorts would be the most comfortable (above thong, hipster, ect) for a 12 year old boy.

What happens when a man wears a thong?

Nothing it actually depends what type. Most guys find them comfortable

G string or thong what is the sexiest?

a thong is the best because it attracts more men to you,and if you wanna have sex,just put on a thong, your man will put his penis into your p*ssy right away. thongs are comfortable to wear. i think girls should strip in front of their men

Do you have to be a certain age to buy a thong?

No, there is no law whatsoever that states you have to be a certain age to buy thong underwear. It's about when you feel comfortable getting one. But on the other hand your unlikely to see a 10 year old buying thong underwear. XD

Should you wear a thong to school?

If you feel comfortable, then yes. I do, because I don't want underwear lines, like, beneath my jeans.

Wear a thong under your leotard?

You can if you like. Many teachers actually recommend it!!! Though I and many others prefer not to, if your comfortable in it, go for it!

Is a man wearing a thong normal?

Yes it is ==== doesnt matter if you're a guy or girl.. wearing a thong / gstring is perfectly normal. its what ever makes you feel more comfortable Yes, I wear one and it feels real comfortable Why worry what others think, go for what you comfortable with. If we only wear the cloths that others think we should ware, our wardrobe would be very limited. Contrary to popular belief, there are no fashion police.

Why is it wrong for Christian men to wear a thong and not Christian women?

Wear whatever underwear you like. It is that which is in your heart that counts. PS: It doesn't sound comfortable to me.

What is a ruffle thong?

it is a thong meant for comfort with ruffled lining in and outside of the thong

What is a leather thong?

a thong made of leather.

Is wearing a thong comfortab?

Ask a girl you know that wears thongs, I think that a string that keeps going up your bum is not very comfortable. It's very comfortable, you don't feel the string at all. well its ok but g-strings are better.

How do you tell if a girl Where is a thong?

If they have a thong shape in their trousers then you know if they are wearing a thong. or if their wearing really tight shorts or pants and their butt has no lines on the side then she is wearing a thong