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The Persian Gulf is a large sea inlet at the north west extremity of the Indian Ocean.

The Persian Gulf, or the Arabian Gulf, is in Asia. It is located at 26 degrees North and 52 degrees East.

Spain is not located on the Persian Gulf.

Iran borders Persian gulf on the north.

The Caspian Sea is hundreds of miles north of the Persian Gulf.

Qatar is the small country located on the Persian Gulf.

Iran borders the Persian Gulf on the north side.

Iran is north of the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz

Bahrain has 33 islands and is located in the Persian Gulf.

Assuming you meant 'Dalma' island - it' located in the Persian gulf - to the north of Saudi Arabia.

The Persian Gulf is immediately south of Iran.

Yes, Iran borders the north shore of Persian Gulf.

They are located at the northwest of the Arabian Sea

The Persian Gulf is the gulf due north of the United Arab Emirates.

The Gulf of Oman is the only entrance to the Persian Gulf from the Indian Ocean. Iran is to the north, Oman is to the south, and the United Arab Emirates to the west.

The Persian Gulf is located at 50 degrees east and 30 degrees north. It lays just to the southwest of Iran.

The monarchy of Kuwait is located southeast of Iraq and borders the Persian Gulf.

That can only be Kuwait, but it is not strictly north of the gulf.

Nothing separates Iraq from the Persian Gulf. Their coast is directly north of Kuwait.

Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait are three small nations located on the Persian Gulf.

Iran forms the majority of the northern coastline of the Persian Gulf.

Iran is located between the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf.

The Middle East, in the area of the Persian Gulf.Southwest Asia

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