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It has a backbone, so it is a vertebrate.

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Q: Is a tree frog an invertebrate or vertebrate?
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Is a tree frog vertebrate or invertebrate?

The ornate frog is a vertebrate.

Is an ornate frog invertebrate or a vertebrate?

The ornate frog is a vertebrate.

Is a bull frog a vertebrate or invertebrate?


Is a purple frog a vertebrate or an invertebrate?


Frog- vertebrate or invertebrate?

The frog is a vertebrate considering it is in the class Amphibia.

Is a frog a vertebrate or non vertebrate?

A frog is an amphibian, and all amphibians are vertebrates. They have a backbone and an internal skeleton. The correct term for an animal which is not a vertebrate is invertebrate.

Is a Darwin frog an invertebrate?

No anything that has a skeleton is classed as a vertebrate

Do tree frogs have an invertebrate or a vertebrate?

They are vertebrates.

Is a snow leopard an invertebrate or vertirate?

An invertebrate is an animal that does not have a back-bone. Therefore, a snow leopard is a vertebrate, not an invertebrate.

Is a poison dart frog invertebrate or vertebrate?

Frogs have bones so they are vertebrates.

Is an oak tree a vertebrate?

An oak tree is a member of the plant family. Therefore, it is neither a vertebrate, nor an invertebrate.

Is a squirrel tree frog a vertebrate?