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no it is not

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Q: Is a vaccine active immunity?
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What type of immunity does a vaccine provide?

A vaccine provides artificially acquired active immunity.

What type of immunity do you get when you get a vaccine?

artificially acquired active immunity

What type of immunity do you get when you get a rubella vaccine?

Artificially acquired active immunity

What are the two types of immunity that a vaccine can confer?

There is the Active and Passive immunity.

Is the vaccine for smallpox naturally acquired passive or active immunity?


What is the name of a preparation to generate active immunity?


What kind of immunity is chickenpox vaccine?

Chickenpox vaccine provides artificial active immunity. In contrast, varicella zoster IVIG provides artificial passive immunity.

Is oral polio vaccine active or passive immunity?


What is the difference between active acquired immunity and passive acquired immunity?

active acquired is from you having a ds and getting immunity or a vaccine and passive is from mother to child.

A vaccine provides?

Vaccines provides active immunity to certain diseases.

Administration of an immunization or a vaccine results in which type of immunity?

artificial active

What is a example of active immunity?

An example of active immunity is the oral polio vaccine because it's a live attenuated vaccine. It means that, weakened polio virus will be given to you so that your body can form antibodies from it and can fight the virus. If your body itself made the antibody from an antigen, it's an example of an active immunity.

What shot is a follow-up vaccine that keeps immunity active?


Which type of immunity is provided by a vaccine that stimulates the immune system?

active natural

If an individual receives a sabin polio vaccine is it passive immunity?

Sabin is attenuated so it is active immunity. Your body has to work To create the memory of immunity

Is a vaccine a type of passive or active immunity?

Most are active immunity. These do a better job and the person actually becomes immune. Passive immunity is like 'borrowed' immunity. It lasts only for a short time. You can get by for awhile but can still get the disease.

A vaccine can give you active immunity because it is a form of a specific?

(1 pt) antigen

Compare and contrast active and passive immunity?

Active immunity is immunity which is developed in response to having had an illness. Passive immunity is immunity which is developed as a result of a vaccine. Most vaccines use dead organisms, so the risk to the person is less than if they had contracted the actual disease.

What is a vaccine?

medicine containing dead or weakened pathogens

As an infant receives her first dose of oral polio vaccine the nurse explains to her parents that the vaccine is a preparation of weakened virus What type of immunity will the infant develop?

The infant will develop artificially acquired active immunity

When a person receives an immunization or vaccine with killed or weakend organisms the result is natural active immunity?


What type of immunity do you have with a hepatitis b vaccination?

Artificial active immunity. Artificial because it is due to vaccination. Active because the body is stimulated by the vaccine to produce antibodies against Hepatitis B virus antigen.

What is meant by the term active immunity?

A type of immunity or resistance developed in an organism by its own production of antibodies in response to an exposure to an antigen, a pathogen or to a vaccine. Active immunity is generally long-term and can be acquired by infection followed by B cells and T cellsactivation, or artificially acquired by vaccines, in a process called immunization. Thus, an active immunity often involves humoral immunity (B-cells) and cell-mediated immunity (T-cells).

What shot is a follow up vaccine that keeps immunity active?

A booster shot is one that is a follow up vaccine that keeps up immunity. Some vaccinations never need boosters, others need boosters a couple of times, and some need boosters every so many years to stay active.

Can you have immunity to chickenpox if you never had the virus?

You can have immunity to chickenpox if you had the virus or had the vaccine.