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This needs an answer from a qualified dentist.

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What items make Pokemon evolve in Pokemon platinum?

protactor;the eclectric box;the upgrade;reaper cloth if some are missing,email me at:jocelyndzuong@msn.com

What part of speech is the word upgrade?

Upgrade is a noun (an upgrade) and a verb (to upgrade).

Windows ME is an upgrade of what Windows?

ME is an upgrade of 98. XP is an upgrade of ME

What is an upgrade?

An upgrade is something that can improve something can have an upgrade for most things

Can you upgrade a 5.50 psp 3000?

Of course you can upgrade it as long as there is an update. But why upgrade it?

Can you upgrade the able sisters?

Sadly, no. BUT, if you are a regular, and you talk to Sabel constantly, you will be able to uncover the mystery about the missing Able sister, Labelle, by talking to other townsfolk and shop owners.

How do you get upgrade?

How i can upgrade strong SRT4620X

What can you upgrade in Assassins Creed brotherhood?

you can upgrade roma (monuments and other stuff),you can upgrade moves with weapons,you can upgrade armor and weapons.

When might you choose no to upgrade your video card?

When the cost of the upgrade outweighs the benefit of the upgrade.

What is the opposite of upgrade?

The antonym for upgrade is downgrade.

Who evolves from the upgrade?

Porygon evolves from the upgrade.

Where do you upgrade your drill on Asia on dinosaur king?

you cannot upgrade it on Asia. you must upgrade it in Europe.

What do you do with the upgrade HeartGold?

You can give the Upgrade to Porygon and then trade it and the Upgrade will cause Porygon to evolve into Porygon2.

How do you upgrade your dsi?

To upgrade your DSi connect to your WiFi network. Then go to the settings and upgrade firmware option.

Do the Able Sisters upgrade?

No the Able Sisters do not upgrade.

Can you upgrade your laptop battery?

If you have a built in battery, then you can upgrade it.

How you can upgrade he the ios?

You can upgrade ios with itunes or if you have ios5.x, you can also upgrade your device os via wireless.

Is an Mech Quest upgrade card gives you a free upgrade?

please give me a free star captain upgrade

How can you upgrade your yahoomail?

Open your Yahoo mail, somewhere you'll find the word "upgrade". Follow the instructions to upgrade it.

How do you say 'upgrade' in Bulgarian?

apgreidvane.... ъпгрейдване

How do you upgrade your chicken coop on farmerama?

You can buy the upgrade in the city.

How do you upgrade house in stick RPG?

you can upgrade your house at the bank

How do you put upgrade in sentences?

I was trying to upgrade my laptop today

What is a sentence with the word upgrade?

I would like to upgrade to a smartphone.

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