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the vampire squid is an invertebrate

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The squid is an invertebrate.

Squid have no bones. No backbone. Invertebrate.

Squid are invertebrates. This is because they do not have a backbone.

No. Squid are invertebrates.

squids are invertabrates. as for all in the phylum molusca.

No, a squid has no internal skeleton or backbone, so is an invertebrate.

Is the Cassowary a invertebrate or a Vertebrate

it is a vertebrateNo it is a invertebrate

An owl is an invertebrate .

Its invertebrate, molds are bacteria or germs

The most significant difference between a vertebrate and an invertebrate is that a vertebrate has a spine and an invertebrate doesn't.

Vertebrate it is a invertebrate not a vertebrate...........

is a king an a vertebrate or a invertebrate

"Is a beetle an invertebrate or a vertebrate?" A beetle is an invertebrate because it has no backbone.

vertebrate A vertebrate.Vertebrate

the difference between them is that vertebrate has a backbone and an invertebrate does not for example,worm is invertebrate and a dog is a vertebrate.

No, it is not a vertebrate.It is an invertebrate.No. A sea anemone is an invertebrate.

The giant tortoise is a vertebrate, not an invertebrate.

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