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Nobody knows for sure what Vampire Squid eat. But there are theorys like they eat shrimp plankton ect.

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Q: What does a vampire squid eat?
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What does a vampire squid's eat?

vampire squid eat crustaceans

How long does vampire squid eat?

There is no such thing of as a vampire squid

When does a vampire squid eat?


What food does a vampire squid eat?

For a long time, scientists were not sure what a vampire squid ate. Now they know that unlike most squids that are predators, the vampire squid is a detritivore. It eats the leftovers on the bottom of the ocean.

How much does a vampire squid eat?

a lot at a time

What kind of fish do vampire squids eat?

There is no such thing as a vampire squid Idoit

Are sharks predators of vampire squids?

yes it does eat a vampire squid lol

What else does a vampire squid eat besides catfish?


Who found the vampire squid?

Is there such thing as a vampire squid

What type of fish is a vampire squid?

A vampire squid is not a fish. Squid are not fish.

What does vampire squid eat?

The vampire squid uses 2 thread like filaments to capture bits of organic debris that sinks down from the ocean surface. They do not eat live prey.

Is a vampire squid an invertebrate or vertebrate?

the vampire squid is an invertebrate

What kind of food do vampire squids eat?

Vampire squid eat sea monkeys,shrimp ect there enemies are sperm whale

Do vampire squid eat food at all?

you can find the answerr to this on high answers

How does a Vampire squid have babies?

She gets impregnated by a handsome male vampire squid.

What will happen if one vampire squid bite another vampire squid?

It will die

What is the Classification of a vampire squid?

Cephalopod. Although I do not know why the vampire squid is from this category

Is a vampire squid a vertebrate?

No. Squid are invertebrates.

What are facts about the vampire squid?

type in facts about vampire squid in google . . . that's how i got my info :)

What does the vampire squid look like?

A vampire squid look like a regular squid but it is black with a mouth that is flurry it opens wide.

Is a vampire squid venomous?


Is a vampire squid endangered?


What predators do the vampire squid have?

The Vampire Squid has a very big penis, it can grow a penis with length of 500m

Is there such thing as a vampire tooth?

If you are talking about the vampire bat or the vampire squid: of course.

What would a vampire squid do when a human is near?

Ur stupid. There is no such thing as a vampire squid. I had sex with ur mother