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Is a webpage copyrighted?

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Web Page Copyrights

Here are several opinions and answers from Wiki ers:

  • Generally speaking, yes, even if you don't see a copyright notice. According to the U.S. Copyright Office, "The original authorship appearing on a website may be protected by copyright. This includes writings, artwork, photographs, and other forms of authorship protected by copyright. Procedures for registering the contents of a website may be found in Circular 66, Copyright Registration for Online Works."
  • Not necessarily an easy question to answer. Best to do some research on your own. May as well get it from the horse's mouth.
2015-07-16 18:08:40
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What do you need to do to use a copyrighted image on a webpage?

To use others' copyrighted works, you need an exemption in the law (such as fair use) or permission from the copyright holder.

Can you download copyright material?

You just did! The design of this webpage is copyrighted and the words you are reading at this moment are copyrighted. However, you have a LICENSE to download them. If you do NOT have a license or other lawful excuse to download copyrighted material, then it would be illegal to do it.

Is it legal to post lyrics of a song on a webpage?

Depends on what the legal status of it is. If the lyrics are in PD (Public Domain) then it can be legal. But putting a songs lyrics that is copyrighted should not be put on a webpage unless you have the publishers consent to do it.

Is it illegal to create a webpage about a tv show?

It is, unless you're paid to make by the director and/or producer. And if it's just a fansite, just don't include copyrighted pics and clips.

Can email be copyrighted?

The current verdict about online content is the original creator owns the copyright to that email. All content online is not public domain unless states so on the webpage it was posted.

How do you put music from your iTunes account onto your Neopets webpage or a normal webpage such as on freewebs?

iTunes music cannot be used anywhere except from on your computer - and occassionally external devices or other computers in your network, as it is DRM protected. This is for a good reason, as music downloaded from iTunes is copyrighted and therefore illegal to place on a webpage. Adding: Neopets does not allow music on their site at all, even in another format.

How do you say 'copyrighted' in Bulgarian?

copyrighted защитени авторските права

What is a sentence for webpage?

The webpage appears to be down.He tried to contact the webpage administrator.How do I print this webpage?

What is meant by dynamic webpage and static webpage?

dynamic is moving, statis is not moving so a dynamic webpage is a webpage with things moving around on it and a static webpage is a webpage with everything still

Is Minecraft copyrighted?

Yes, Minecraft is copyrighted.

Is a work still copyrighted if the author edits it after publication or copyright registration?

Only if the copyright is not part of the copyright registration that is copyrighted in the publication of the author's registration. But If the copyright is part of the copyright registration that is copyrighted in the publication then the copyrighted author of which publicized the copyrighted registration is not copyrighted in the legalized sense of which a publication is copyrighted. Yes, a work is always copyrighted, before and after editing and both versions.

When was Breaking Dawn copyrighted?

It was copyrighted sometime in 2008.

Is Times they are a'changin copyrighted?

Yes Times is copyrighted

What is an image on a webpage?

an image of a webpage

What is the correct spelling for webpage?


Does deleted content stay copyrighted In other words, if a copyrighted video was no longer available anywhere, is it technically still copyrighted, or could it be used by other people?

It is still copyrighted. There's no exception for things that are out of print or unavailable.

What year was the book To Kill a Mockingbird copyrighted?

It was copyrighted in 1960

Is Brain-freeze copyrighted?

no brain-freeze is not copyrighted

Is RIMM a open standard or a copyrighted standard?

RIMM is copyrighted.

When was the westing game copyrighted?

1978 but the introduction was copyrighted in 2003.

Is charlie bit your finger copyrighted?

it was copyrighted but it does not show on google.

What is the title of this webpage?

WikiAnswers - What is the title of this webpage?

Is Slender Man Copyrighted?

The game itself is copyrighted. The stories and legends about him may not necessarily be copyrighted unless it was created in recent years.

Can tattoos be copyrighted?

Yes. It is considered art and can be copyrighted by the artist of the tattoo.

Is it hard to get a book copyrighted?

Not at all, the text is copyrighted as soon as it is written.