Is a yeti in the bigfoot family?

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Yes, the yeti is in the bigfoot family.

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2012-03-11 22:03:52
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Q: Is a yeti in the bigfoot family?
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What is bigfoot or yeti?

Bigfoot and Yeti are mythical creatures.

Did bigfoot and yeti have a kid?

No, Bigfoot lives in Canada and yeti lives in the Himalayas.

Is Bigfoot and yeti are real?

Yes, they are real, there have been reported citings of bigfoot and yeti

Is bigfoot family to the yeti?

Bigfoot is a non-proven mythical and fairytale creature. It dose not exist in any 'family'. Though if you do read the tales, then you'll find out he has nothing to do with the Yeti and they live on complete opposite sides of the earth.

Is bigfoot a yeti?

Well, Yeti is actually a Bigfoot, because about a dozen cryptids, including (but is not limited to) Yeti, Sasquatch, Almas, and the true Bigfoot. I think yeti is a bigfoot because there used to be a landbridge from Serbia to the US and the himilayas are not that far so its possible for the yeti to have migrated from the himilayas to the US for warmer weather and when the landbridge broke it left some yeti in the US know today as bigfoot and some yeti back in the himilayas.

What are some differences between Bigfoot and the Yeti?

they live in different places. bigfoot in forest and yeti at mount everest.

What is a yeti that is not bigfoot?

Yeti and Bigfoot are probably the same animal but look different due to adaption to their immediate environment.

Why do they call yeti sasquatch?

You my friend, are getting Bigfoot and the Yeti mixed up. "Sasquatch" is a Native American word for bigfoot.

Is bigfoot in love?

First we have to establish if Bigfoot, like the Yeti, exists.

Why is bigfoot alive?

Bigfoot, along with the Yeti is most likely to be a hoax. T

What other names of bigfoot?

It's yeti.

What are common names for bigfoot?

Yeti Sasquatch

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