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Yes , Zebra is a type of horse


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A zebra is an equid but it is NOT a horse.

A Horse is a type of zebra with out the stripes it has the same family belonging to a zebra

Type your answer herewith zebra is related to the horse

A zebroid is a zebrine (zebra-like) humanoid creature. A zebroid is the offspring of a horse and a zebra. it's infertile. It is a cross between a zebra and any other type of horse.

Any breed of horse can be bred with a zebra to produce a zorse! Hope this helps! :)

A zebroid is actually any hybrid of a zebra. Usually, the sire is a zebra, and the dam can be any type of equine.

I am not sure, i am guessing that it is just a horse with stripes, or something, never really thought about it. A zebra is a type if horse though, just a different branch...

The zebra-horse is called a zorse, the result of a horse-zebra cross. So a zorse and a horse would be somewhat like cousins.

they would have t be very cloos tomate with a different type of horse

A zebra is defined as a horse, but the horse that you are referring to is a domesticated horse, a zebra is not domesticated. Also, obviously one has stripes.

The mix between a zebra and a horse is called a zorse.

a wild horse is faster than a zebra

Any zebra hybrid is called a 'zebroid', but a horse and a zebra specifically make what is called a 'zorse'.

whats related to them is zebra and the horse. the zebra and the horse.

A mix breed of a zebra and a horse is called a zorse. It's like a horse with a zebra stripes where the back legs r.

the zebra is related to the horse family.

A zorse is the offspring of a male zebra and female horse.

A Zebra just isn't a Horse.. If They reproduce they cant produce fertile offspring

A zebra is smaller that a horse but around the same size a pony.

yes you can ride a zebra like a horse I have done it before

I saw a zebra at the zoo. The zebra comes from Africa. A zebra looks a lot like a horse with stripes. You can ride a horse but you can't ride a zebra.

The offspring of a horse and zebra is called a zorse. It gets its dominant color genes from its horse mother, and stripes from the zebra father. Attempts to breed horse stallions with zebra mares have been generally unsatisfactory.

well a zebra is a type of horse (mule,donkey ,zebra) so here is the anser if you are expectong more then read and watch animal planet wich is on channel 184 TO BE CONTINUED ...

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