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They can be both reactants AND products:

When reacting together they start as reactants: acid A + base B

After they have reacted the are transformed to products: conjugative base (BA, derived from A) and acid (AB, derived from B) respectively.

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Q: Is acid and base reactant or a product?
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Is sulphuric acid a reactant or a product when iron reacts with sulphuric acid?


Is copper sulfate a reactant or a product?

It can be either depending on the reaction. It can be a product of electrolysis of copper with sulfuric acid, or an acid base reaction of copper hydroxide and sulfuric acid. It can react with metals such as zinc.

In a neutralization reaction what is the reactant?

Acid and base

What are the reactant of a neutralization reaction?

Acid and base

Is copper sulphate reactant or product?

copper sulphate is the product . the reactant of copper sulphate is sulphuric acid and copper.

Sulfuric acid is to reactant as lead sulfate is to ?

Lead sulfate is the product.

How do you use the words chemical reactant and product in a sentence?

Chemical: Vinegar contains the chemical, Acetic acid. Reactant: The limiting reactant weight was used to calculate the percentage yield of the product. Product: The product was nearly pure from just washing alone, following the reaction.

What is the difference between a hydrolysis and neutralization reaction?

In neuralization acid and base are reactant.....As compare to hydrolysis salt and water are reactant

Is carbon dioxide reactant or product reactant?

it is a product

What happens when hydrochloric acid meets zinc here hydrogen is a product or reactant?


Is water a product or a reactant?

NO substance is classified as reactant or product individually.Reactant is a substance which undergoes chemical reaction to give a new product,which is called product.Example:-Water + Sulphur Trioxide --------> Sulphuric acidHere water and sulphur trioxide are reactants and sulphuric acid is the product.Water can be both a reactant and product.

Is sugar a reactant or a product?

Sugar can be both a reactant and a product.

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