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They can be both reactants AND products:

When reacting together they start as reactants: acid A + base B

After they have reacted the are transformed to products: conjugative base (BA, derived from A) and acid (AB, derived from B) respectively.

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Is copper sulfate a reactant or a product?

It can be either depending on the reaction. It can be a product of electrolysis of copper with sulfuric acid, or an acid base reaction of copper hydroxide and sulfuric acid. It can react with metals such as zinc.

Is water a product or a reactant?

NO substance is classified as reactant or product individually.Reactant is a substance which undergoes chemical reaction to give a new product,which is called product.Example:-Water + Sulphur Trioxide --------> Sulphuric acidHere water and sulphur trioxide are reactants and sulphuric acid is the product.Water can be both a reactant and product.

Is copper sulphate reactant or product?

copper sulphate is the product . the reactant of copper sulphate is sulphuric acid and copper.

How do you use the words chemical reactant and product in a sentence?

Chemical: Vinegar contains the chemical, Acetic acid. Reactant: The limiting reactant weight was used to calculate the percentage yield of the product. Product: The product was nearly pure from just washing alone, following the reaction.

What is the difference between a hydrolysis and neutralization reaction?

In neuralization acid and base are reactant.....As compare to hydrolysis salt and water are reactant

Is sugar a reactant or a product?

Sugar can be both a reactant and a product.

Is the sun reactant or a product?

Sun is a star, not reactant or product.

Is conjugated acid a strong acid?

No, a conjugate acid is simply a product of an acid-base reaction. Every base has a conjugate acid.

What is formed when an acid and a base is mixed?

The product of an acid and base is always a salt and (or not) water.

Is zinc sulfate a product or reactant?

It may be either a reactant or a product depending on what the reaction is. If you react elemental zinc with sulfuric acid to form zinc sulfate and hydrogen, then it is a product. If you react aqueous zinc sulfate with sodium hydroxide to form solid zinc hydroxide and sodium sulfate, then it is a reactant.

Is cobalt a reactant product or reactant and product?

This depends on the reaction involved.

Is zinc reactant or product?

It can be a reactant in some reactions and a product of others.

What is the formula of the solid reactant of sodium carbonate and acetic acid?

Sodium carbonate is a solid reactant. It will form sodium acetate and carbon dioxide with acetic acid. The formual for the solid product sodium acetate is CH3COONa.

Is the equation NaHCO3 a reactant or product?

Depending on the reaction, may be reactant or product.

Identify the correctly written chemical reaction?

Reactant + Reactant -> Product + Product

Is CaCO3 a reactant or product?

CaCO3, calcium carbonate can be either a reactant or a product. If it comes at the beginning of a reaction, then it is a reactant. If it comes at the end of the reaction, then it is a product.

What is the General equation for acid reacting with a base?

by neutralisation reaction:- when acid reacts with a base then the product is salt and water. acid+base=salt+water

Is saltwater an acid or a base?

Neither. It's neutral. It's the product of a strong acid and a strong base.

Is hydrogen the product or reactant in H2O?

The reactant, because it is reacting to form the product of H2O.

Is sodium phenoxide reactant or product?

Sodium phenoxide can be a reactant or a product, depending on the reaction.

What product forms when a base reacts with an acid?

Fundamentally: acid + base --> a salt + water However, other acid base reactions exist: ex. acid + base --> conjugate base (loses a H) + conjugate acid (gains a H)

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