Is ae an norwegian letter

Updated: 11/6/2022
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Ae is the way to spell the norwegian letter Æ without having a norwegian keyboard.

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Q: Is ae an norwegian letter
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What is darling in norwegian?

Kjære. The æ is usually spelled ae by foreigners.

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How do you say have a wonderful Sunday in Norwegian?

Have a wonderful Sunday, in Norwegian would be: "Ha en god/ fin søndag" In Norwegian the first letter of the weekdays are not capitalized. The Norwegian word for Sunday is "søndag."

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What is Norwegian for polar bear?

Norwegian for polar bear is isbjørn. This means, directly translated, icebear. This is the only word for polar bear, and includes the norwegian letter ø.

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How do you end a letter in Norwegian?

Med vennlig hilsen %name%

What is the unstressed vowel in postage?

The letter "e" <3 Smartypants1016

What are some Norwegian words that begin with the letter V?

Viking and Vinland

What is the six letter word with L as the second letter and ends with AE?

alulae, florae, glebae, plicae4 words found.