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Marketing terms may vary, but generally these are not the same. Contact cleaner generally means it has a solvent that would remove things (like types of greases or oils), and frequently includes a lubricant or protectant. Keyboard cleaners are normally nothing more than compressed air, under presuure. It simply blows away dust and contaminents.

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What can you substitute for aerosol electronic contact cleaner?

If you can make do without your contact cleaner being applied via spray, isopropyl alcohol can work as a contact cleaner. It dries quickly and doesn't leave a film of its own.

Where to buy tuff stuff aerosol cleaner in Canada?


What is the function of the Delphi electronic unit inside the air cleaner box of a 2002 Buick Regal?

I believe the unit inside the air cleaner assembly is the ecm. Electronic control module/ car's computer.

How do you clean a a computer screen?

Do not use any liquids that are not intended for electronics! Use a micro fiber cloth and electronic cleaner or water. Do not put the cleaner or water directly on the screen.

Which type of product is most likely to explode if stored next to a heat source Hydrogen peroxide Aerosol can wine bottle or a liquid cleaner?

it's the aerosol.

Examples of volatile substances?

Petroleumfire startersharisprayaerosol cansbathroom cleaner

Which vacuum cleaner used for electronic panel cleaning?

3M Produces an electronic Vacuum cleaner. Just google 3m electronic vacuum cleaner and it will show up. Do not confuse this for being safe for cleaning live circuits. It is just ground protected to not short out circuitry.

Where is the ECM computer on a 1988 Chrysler Fifth Avenue?

It is on the air cleaner. If the sticker is still intact it will say "electronic spark control", or "electronic fuel control" on it. It will have a vacuum line plugged in to it, and a couple of wire harnesses.

What are some of the ingredients in brake cleaner?

An aerosol delivered solvent is the main ingredient in brake cleaners. Brake cleaner can come in both chlorinated and non-chlorinated forms. Brake cleaner can be toxic, so wear a mask and avoid breathing in the chemicals.

How do you clean your key board? here is the AUTOZONE SITE ''electronic cleaner'' - Electrical Parts ''Cleaner'' Part Number: 05103.

How do you clean the throttle chamber on 1999 Infiniti I30?

Aerosol throttle body cleaner, sprayed directly in to TB while not running. Only recently have they began labeling it TB cleaner not carb cleaner but it's the same solvent. Use copious amounts

Is Electronic cleaner and brake cleaner the same?

No. Electronic cleaner is compressed air. Brake cleaner is a chemical that removes the oil used to preserve new brake rotors and drums while they wait to be installed. ADDED. There are liquid cleansers for electrical and electronic equipment, some apparently based on vegetable-oil extracts, but I would not recommend using either cleanser for the opposite application without first ascertaining that it would be possible to do so without harm.

What is the importance of electronic air cleaner?

The ultra modern air purifier is not only cute in design but the capacity to wipe out the unimportant but lethal elements from the air. The air will be cleaner and free of debris.he advent of upgraded electronic air cleaner has made it very easy to inhale fresh and cool air.

What kind of liquid cleaner should you use around electronic components?

Alcohol based

What makes the heater and the ac smell in a Chrysler lhs 1996?

Buy an a/c aerosol cleaner from your nearest auto parts store. There is no cabin filter in this car.

How clean up a computer?

Any common household cleaner can be used on the outside of the computer.

How do you get rid of scratches on a video game disc?

Use special electronic cleaner, then spray the cleaner onto a paper towel, wipe the CD with the paper towel. Don't spray the cleaner onto the CD directly.

How effective is a freeware registry cleaner at cleaning the registry on your computer?

A freeware registry cleaner is very effective at cleaning the registry on your computer. They can completely clean out a registry easy and it is safe.

What are the benefits of using a registry cleaner?

Registry cleaner will remove viruses and other things from your computer. It will make your computer faster and more reliable. It will also keep you safer on the internet.

Is glass cleaner safe to use on the computer screen?


What software is used to manage the computer systems?

CC Cleaner

What is the purpose of a computer cleaner?

It's important to keep both your hard drive and the physical PC itself clean. Computer cleaner programs like CCleaner remove unneeded files and keep your computer running smoothly. Physical computer cleaner, also called "Dust-Off", is a spray that prevents dust from gathering on your computer. Dust getting into the internals of a PC can slow down, damage or even break it.

Where can cleaner parts be purchased?

Vacuum cleaner parts can be purchased from various sources, which include, local electronic stores and also from online websites like TotalVac, eBay and Amazon.

How do you optimize computer software?

u can optimize computer software to run computer faster, u can use registry cleaner reg in out

What are the housekeeping routines of a computer?

just run a registry cleaner or manually clean youre computer to clean it