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No, it is a viral infection. For example, antiviral drugs used by an HIV-positive mother prevents the virus being passed to a baby. HIV does not infect sperm or egg cells, only the fluid that these cells live in.

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What is a genetic challenge?


Can AIDS be caused by genetic mutation?

Yes they can if you want to have AIDS!

Is the cause of AIDS a genetic defect?


Is aids a genetic disorder?


Is AIDS a genetic disease?

No. It is an acquired disease.

What are some genetic disoreders?

Aids, klinefelter syndrome,

What is the difference between SCID and AIDS?

scid is a genetic disorder while aids is caused by hiv virus

Why aren't there any cures for genetic disorders?

people get aids

Why is aids a genetic disease?

because it is a disease passed on from dna

What is the flow of genetic information used by retroviruses for AIDS?

AIDS virus belongs to retrovirus category. These type of virus has only RNA as genetic material. They depend on host cell's DNA to replicate.

Why is AIDS not considered to be a genetic disease?

To some extent it is genetic if their mother has AIDS a child can be born with the disease. Yet, not all children whose mothers have the disease are born with it and a predisposition to the disease hasn't been shown to be passed from mother to child. They have proven that the predisposition to certain cancers can be passed genetically, but this has not been proven with AIDS. So, that means it is not a genetic disease ( at least at this time).

Where were the first cases of HIV AIDS?

Genetic research has shown that the first cases of HIV/AIDS in humans were in Africa in the late nineteenth or early 20th century. AIDS was first recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 1981.

What is the polity in the African Methodist Episocal church?

Aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the importance of wavelength?

Aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids

Meiosis aids in evolution because it what?

Because of genetic recombination and this is done in three ways. The independent orientation of chromosomes at prometaphase, crossing over and the process of random fertilization all insure a good recombination of genetic material.

What has the author Patrick Dixon written?

Patrick Dixon has written: 'The whole truth about AIDS' -- subject(s): AIDS (Disease), Christianity, Popular works, Religious aspects, Religious aspects of AIDS (Disease) 'Rising Price of Love' -- subject(s): AIDS (Disease), Christianity, Popular works, Religious aspects, Religious aspects of AIDS (Disease), Religious aspects of Sex, Sex, Social aspects, Social aspects of Sex 'Building a Better Business' 'Sida Y Usted/AIDS and You' 'Genetic Revolution' 'Cyberchurch'

What is the role of e-coli bacterium?

e.coli is a bacterium found in the gut of animals which aids digestion, however it is commonly used for genetic engineering

How many types of AIDS is there?

You got the HIV Aids the Magic Johnson Aids, the Eazy-E Aids, Rite Aids, Hearing Aids, Visual Aids, Presidential Aids just to name a few kinds of Aids.

When did we get AIDS?

we. no no no. we dont have aids. you have aids.

What is the similarities between aids and the black plague?

AIDS and the plague both attack the same site on the cells that they infect. There are studies going on that are showing that people who have a genetic mutation that provides resistance to being infected by the plague also provides resistance to being infected by HIV.

A genetic mutation called ccr5- 32 is thought to help people resist aids black death and smallpox where are those people's ancestor's from?

Northern Europe

What are the top 6 killer diseases in Australia?


How can you tell if you have aids?

if you have aids, then you have aids, game over

Do Trina have aids?

no Trina does not have aids

Does Shakira have AIDS?

No, she does not have AIDS, but she does have a charity for people with AIDS.