Is airsplat reliable

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Well some people say it awesome some say it sucks I never bought from airsplat but my brother did his gun was fine but I'd say don't buy from airsplat buy from airsoftgi or evike or something like that...

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Q: Is airsplat reliable
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Which airsoft brand is the most reliable airsplat airsofthero reddragon airsoft or airsoft gi?

Airsoft GI

What city is airsplat on?


Does airsplat have free shipping?

yes on an order of $150 or more OR you can make an airsplat account and in the coupon code section type in AS4life when you checkout

Where is airsplat located?

California & Washington State

How much is shipping on airsplat?

It depends on what you are purchasing.

Are airsplat guns fake and what type of guns are fake?

Not sure I would call them fakes- but they are not firearms. Airsoft, airsplat, and Nerf are real TOY guns.

Is air rattle reliable?

i would stick with more of the bigger websites like airsoft gi, or evike, airsoft megastore, airsplat. they usually have more of a selection, better prices and more up to date guns

What are some really great airsoft companies?

airsplat or evike

What sport is AirSplat associated with?

AirSplat is one of the larger retailers for AirSoft guns. AirSoft is a sport where one uses a replica of an actual gun that shoots non lethal plastic pellets.

How long does it take for a airsplat gun to reach Lancaster?

about 0.0948 of a second

What is the best airsoft mystery box?

airsplat's fn summer edition

Can you buy airsoft gas on the internet?

yes i recommend airsplat if your in the US.