Is aiwc lottery legitimate

Updated: 9/27/2023
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i can assure you its legitimate i worked for them and witnessed winners if it were a scam i would not have worked for them at all cause i cant stand ripping people off there is nothing worse than that

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I have played the lottery many times with AIWC for 50. 80. 40. ,ETC. and I now have only $12.00 and some change in my acct. I have never been sent any money from them. If you can consider getting hardly anything at all in return for paying a lot multiple times, even when winning is guaranteed----do you call that winning?

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AIWC is legitimate, I work for them and we do have winners. We send out cheques when people win.

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Q: Is aiwc lottery legitimate
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AIWC lottery for real?

i worked for them from what i could see they are not a scam

Is aiwc sanctioned by Australian government?

If you are referring to the lottery then no, it is not sanctioned by the government.

Is European Lottery Guild a legitimate agent for Euro Millions lottery?

No, it is not.

Is Australian Lottery 645 by prizemasters a legitimate lottery?

No, it's a scam.


I sent money to AIWC and received a letter back with a list of numbers and the dates that the drawaings would occur. Will have to wait and see what happens. Although not winning anything does not mean that the program isn't legitimate, after all, it is a lottery, a game of chance. The original letter however did guarantee a win or your money would be refunded, so I guess it is wait and see. I received another mailing for another drawing, but won't do anything until I see what happens. I just received the same letter. This shows that this guy have mail out hundreds or thousands of these letters out. I tried searcing their lottery name on the internet but could not find a single website with that name, which is another red flag. It is also not advisable to send money to an oversea lottery program because it will be very hard to track these guy down if they refuse to refund your money. If you go to the 2nd page of Google youll find them. Ive won a few dollars with them and recently got an amazing 600 plays for $30.00. They are legit.

Is the Cash and Cars lottery legit or a scam?

The Cash and Cars lottery is actually a legitimate lottery drawing that most people can enter. In fact, the proceeds go toward cancer research and other related causes.

On-dot courier delivery service for msn and yahoo lottery is true?

There is no legitimate lottery that asks you to pay a fee in advance for anything. Not taxes, not delivery, not processing, not administrative costs, NOTHING.

Is the aiwc legt?

i can assure you it is legit but you have done your doe if you send it to these people

ALL INDIA women's conference was founded in?

AIWC was founded in 1927 "to function as an organization dedicated to the upliftment and betterment of women and children". The organization is continuing its mission. The initial objective of its founders Margaret Cousins, Sarojini Naidu, Anne Besant and others sits for Women Education, AIWC has since diversified into various social and economic issues concerning women. AIWC today has over 1,56,000 members in more than 500 branches of AIWC across the country. It is recognized as a premier organization working for women's development and empowerment.

Is the National payment services lottery in Australia legitimate?

Nope, someone is trying to scam you. Trust me, I am Australian and know about lotteries. Sorry.

You have got a email that you won a huge amount of many through UK National Lottery and told you to contact to the Barcley Bank Is this lottery process true?

Very suspicious, as entry into the National Lottery is anonymous. If you have registered to play the lottery online, then the email may be legitimate. However, I would advise you to check the source IP address, in the email's header, just to be certain.

Is Global International Lottery and Sweepstakes a legitimate and true company Is there any fraud complaints?

haas anyone ever won money from glopbal/