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Is alcohol a laxative?

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Your body has to work hard to get all out all the alcohol that you consume, which is essentially a toxin.

The metabolic processes that breaks down alcohol also encourages the body to speed up its excretion.

I know that some alcoholic drinks such as Guinness and Smithwicks are especially known to have laxative effects.

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Why are prunes laxative?

Prunes are high in fiber and sorbitol (a non digestible sugar alcohol) this can have a laxative effect in some people.

Does alcohol work as a laxative?

Scientifically, I don't know but personally I'd have to say yes. If it doesn't work while I'm drunk, it definitely works the next day!....even when I don't need a laxative ugh.

Are Polyols Laxative?

Polyols are laxative.

Can chewing gum cause constipation?

Actually the sweetener called xylitol (a sugar alcohol) is known to have a mild laxative effect.... I think

What rhymes with laxative?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word laxative.

How long can you take a laxative?

how long can u take a laxative

Does sugar alcohol make you have to poop?

Sugar alcohols can have a laxative effect, so one should watch how much they consume. See Related Links.

Does mixing water with honey make a laxative?

Yes, actually, it does make a mild laxative. Drink enough of it and it will make a great laxative.

Laxative for a puppy-?

You can get a laxative for a puppy from your vet. If you want a natural laxative you can give your puppy canned pumpkin which will encourage bowel movement.

How can indigestion prevented or remedied?

Indigestion could be remedied when you get a good laxative. You can take a natural laxative like banana or get a normal laxative.

Why does coffee have a laxative effect?

Simply because; coffee is a natural laxative! :)

Can grapes have laxative effect?

yes. grape has a mlid laxative effect.

What is the definition of 'laxative effects'?

A laxative is something that will make you go to the toilet when you are constipated. "Laxative effects" means that it may make you get diarrhea.

What is mist Alba laxative?

It's a mild laxative that can be used by adults and children.

When was the first laxative invented?

Nobody knows. The laxative is a discovery that predates recorded history.

What does the laxative habit cause?

One of the most common causes of constipation is the laxative habit

Is aniseed a laxative?

No. It is used as an expectorant, a diuretic and to settle ones stomach, but it is not considered to be a laxative.

Is coconut milk a laxative?

Yes, it's a mild laxative. You can get coconut milk or water, and depending on a person's bowel tolerance it can effect them more or less. But it is a mild laxative.

Is milk a laxative?

No. It is not

Should you take a laxative before you eat or after?

It depends on the exact laxative, but most are taken after eating.

What is the pH of a laxative?

The pH of a laxative, is up the but and around the corner. Just playing its 3 degrees.

What base is a laxative?

Magnesium hydroxide Mg(OH)2 is a laxative. Active ingredient in milk of magnesia.

Are grapes laxative?


What is a cathartic?

a strong laxative

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