Is alford high school a scam?

Updated: 11/10/2022
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I am making sure that is a real diploma and state reconized

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Q: Is alford high school a scam?
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Is Alford high school legit and accredtited?

No in fact it is a major scam. Tried to go through with the school and but thankfully realized it wasn't legit and did not give information out !!..

Can I get into college with a high school diploma from Alford high school?


Is pacific high school on line is a scam?

Pacific High School is an online school. It is not a scam. Pacific High School is fully accredited. However, there are several complaints against the school.

Is west coast high school a scam?


Is adison high school a scam?

most definitely, just search google for adison high school scam. BBB has rated them as F. Dont waste your money.

Is the website titan high school real or scam?

Its a scam. check out what happen in Louisville ky.

Which high school can be dubbed as a scam?

A High School which is deemed as a recognized online High School is often accredited by renowned accrediting bodies.

What school did Emeli Sande go to?

Alford primary school

Bedford online high school?

Bedford High school online high school diploma test is not a scam. i paid for this program for my son and he has gone far with his creditials.

Does NAAHE accredit Alford High School?

Doing a little research will get you the answer for your question. The school is recognized and accredited by an agency named NAAHE which grants accreditation candidacy on a national level which I think considering a high school is good enough.

Is foster city high school online a scam?

There is no High School in Foster City. Scammers are offering a GED and taking people for money but there is no High School and no GED program.

Is the online school sandford high school accredited?

No it is a fake, it's a scam, the accreditation is fake also. there is no school exist .