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It can be considered a metalloid, although it is commonly regarded as a metal.

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It is technically a metal, but is half of metal and metalloid.

Aluminum is normally classified as a metal, but it has some characteristics that cause it to be occasionally classified as a metalloid.

It's not ... its a metal.

Aluminum, of course. Silicon is a metalloid while Aluminum is a metal.

Aluminum!!!!!=D ================== Nope - aluminum is almost always classified as a metal, not a metalloid. The most abundant metalloid is silicon - which, incidentally is about 3 times as abundant as aluminum.

Aluminium is a metal, silicon is a metalloid.

Aluminum is a metal, not to be confused with metalloid, even though it is touching the staircase of which all elements are metalloids.

Aluminum, Al is a post-transtion metel; however it is sometimes considered a Metalloid.

metalloidthe awesome metal group, that is the truth!

It is a metalloid. It is in the p block.

Aluminum(26.982) because boron(10.81) is a metalloid.

AnswerSemi-metal And a metalloid.

No, it is not a metalloid, but it is a Metal

Is molybdenum a metal nonmetal or a metalloid

Chromium is a metal, not a metalloid.

Ruthenium is a metal, not a metalloid.

It is not a metalloid. It is an Alkali Metal.

Antimony is a metalloid because it has qualities of a metal and non-metal

it is a metalloid because it is a metal and non-metal at the same time

Oxygen is neither metal nor metalloid. It is a nonmetal

We know nickel is a transition element. We also know aluminum is a poor metal, as it gallium. Tellurium is a metalloid.

platinum is a metal because it is shiny but it can be a metalloid or transition metal

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