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Is an 11-year-old girl too heavy if she weighs just over seven stone?


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2015-07-15 15:56:49
2015-07-15 15:56:49


It depends on her height. If she is very short she may be a little overweight but if she´s an average height or taller it should be fine.

Feel free to write on my message board, leaving her date of birth, height and weight and I can do an accurate calcukation (my user name is fluto998)


p.s. Anyone reading this should feel free to leave their details (date of birth, height and weight) on my message board and I´ll be happy to do a calculation. =)


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from my research I have discovered that she weighs as much as she Lock's(!) aproxamitly 14 stone. What a wonderful question, thank you.

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On Earth, 83.1 kg of mass weighs 183.204 pounds = 13stone 1pound 3.263ounces (rounded)

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A stone weighs 14 pounds, so 16 stone weighs 224 lbs.

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Yes she is. An 8 year old girl is suppose to weigh 4-5 stone.

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