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The first: conduction from the solid heating coil

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Q: Is an Electric water heater conduction or convection?
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What is the energy conversion for electric water heater?

An electrically operated water heater uses electrical energy to generate heat. The heat energy is then transferred to the bottom of the water by conduction, and spreads throughout the tank by convection.

Is stir Fried Vegetables method convection or conduction?

In actual fact stir fry is both conduction & convection, this is because the food is getting hot by conduction But then it is convection as you generally put water or something in it.

How do you cool water by radiation convection and conduction?

By water vapour

How does water get heated?

Through conduction and convection currents

How does water get heat?

Through conduction and convection currents

How are conduction and convection similar?

Conduction is the passing of heat by contact. Convection is the passing of heat by air or water. They have the similarity of passing heat.

What is more likely to occur in the water thermal energy transfer by conduction or convection?


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What is the transfer of heat energy in a water cycle?

Conduction, Convection, and Radiation

When water is heated on a stove the flame heats the pan which in turn heats the water Is that convection or conduction?

Both the flame heating the pan and the pan heating the water are examples of conduction. Convection is when the molecules of water heat other molecules of water.

How does an electric water heater work?

Very much like an electric stove. Electricity is passed through a resistive coil, which gets hot. The coil is immersed in a tank of water, so the heat is transferred, by conduction, to the water around it.

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