Is an asteroid made up of mostly ice?


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No, iron and rock is also a large part of an asteroid then ice sometimes.

'Comets' however, are made of ice. Sometimes referred to as dirty snowballs.

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A comet is mostly made up of ice while an asteroid is mostly rock and/or metal.

Cirrus Clouds are mostly made up entirely of ice crystals.

They are mostly made of dust.

The planet Uranus is compromised mostly of ice and is one of the ice planets. It is also made up of gases.

The thin and wispy cirrus cloud is made up of mostly ice crystals.

i think it is mostly made up of ice crystals which leads to its precipitation of virga

ice rock and frozen gasses

Yes they are made up of gas, ice, and dust. The long tail is a mix of gases. and remember a comet is different than an asteroid

comets are mostly made up of ice but there are a couple that do contain small amount of rock.

Comets are mostly made up of ice. They usually have a metallic core high in nickel. The tail of a comet is actually the ice melting as it passes a heat source.

it is mostly made up of water ice and the center is believed to be metalic

Comet tails are made of ice and dust.

the asteroid belt is made up of left over rocks from the formation of planets.

Comets are objects made up of mostly ice and some rock that have a tail.Asteroids are irregular shaped rock that orbit in a belt.Meteoroid are rock fragments floating through space.

No because it is mostly made up of rocks, ice, craters,

The thin and wispy cirrus cloud is made up of mostly ice crystals.

A meteoroid is a sometimes called a shooting star. It is smaller than an asteroid, and made up of chunks of rock and ice.

Asteroids are made up of rock and metal

an asteroid is a huge or a small irregular rock which orbits a star and is made up of metals

Yes, And there are alot of them all over space. they float in something called an asteroid belt and are made up of metal and rock! aslo ice

The rings of Saturn are made up mostly of water ice. The size of the ice can range from size of dust to large boulders. The rings of Jupiter is mostly if not completely made up of dust particles. The rings of Neptune is mostly dust with some organic material mixed in with it. The rings of Uranus seem to have a bit of everything in them, but nothing is known for sure as of right now.

It was mostly made up of Greek people...

The asterod belt is made up of rocks and gases.

keiper belt because an asteroid belt type area but populated wit objectsmade up of mostly ice and dust.

Uranus is mostly gas by volume, however there is a solid inner core of the planet that is composed of ice and rock.

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