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An external hard drive will almost undoubtedly be the best solution for you. Most models are plug and play, so the set up shouldn't be a hassle, and they are much more reliable than a CD or other media that can be easily scratched.

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Q: Is an external hard drive the best option to backup the files on my computer?
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How is an external hardrive used as backup computer storage?

You can copy data to an external hard drive to create a backup of files on your computer. The simplest option is to drag and drop from your computer to the external drive so that you have a copy. Backup software such as Apple's Time Machine does that automatically and can also keep track of different versions of a file so that you can undo accidental changes.

How do you backup computer before I send it in for repair?

Connect an external hard drive to your computer and copy over important files.

How much does back up software cost?

Backup software is not recommended since if your hard drive fails, your backup fails. It is best to get an external hard drive or to back up your computer in the cloud.

Is it possible to download saved programs from a DVR dish Hopper to a computer?

It is not possible. Based on how the receiver is setup, it can't be connected to a computer. If you need storage space, you can use an external hard drive to backup and store recordings. Keep in mind with this option, if you connect the ehd back to the computer, it will format the drive to make it compatible with the computer.

Why should the backup files be kept at a different location from the computer system?

Backup files should be kept in a different location [CD, thumb drive, external drive] in case your computer breaks down. If the hard drive fails or the operating system crashes, you have your files safe somewhere.

What are the best backup devices for a computer?

The best backup device for a computer would be an external hard drive. The leading external hard drives are the Buffalo DriveStation DDR, LaCie 5big Thunderbolt, IoSafe Solo G3, Promise Pegasus R6, and Promise Pegasus J4.

Is there backup software for a computer?

There are a number of trustworthy ways to backup a computer. Some anti-virus such as Norton have options to backup your software automatically. You can also turn to CD/DVDs to manually back it up, an external hard drive, or a flash drive. An increasingly popular method which does not necessarily require software is to purchase space from an online backup provider.

What is difference between external hard drive and external backup drive?

An external drive is the same as an internal drive just not installed inside the case. Meaning you can use it in exactly the same way as an internal drive. A backup drive is usually a zip drive designed to back up you hard drive and isn't used as a hard drive itself. It is usually in the form simalar to a floppy disk that the backup information is copied to. You can then use the backup disk and drive to reinstall all of your information from your original hard drive back to the hard drive in case of a virus or manually removing something that was needed for the system to run.

Once you backup files to an external hard drive can you delete them from the computer hard drive to create space?

It depends on the type of file you are talking about.If you back up your documents (Word, Excel) or photographs then you can certainly delete them from your computer hard drive once they're on the external hard drive. If you need them again you can simply plug the external hard drive to the computer in order to access them.If you're talking about program files than you have to consider whether or not the external hard drive will always be plugged into your computer. If you move a program file and then unplug the external hard drive then you should not delete the files unless you plan on plugging the external hard drive in (or leaving it attached) every time you want to use that program. If you don't mind accessing a program from the external hard drive every time you need to use it than you can certainly delete it from your computer hard drive. Otherwise, make a copy to the external hard drive as a backup in case you have computer problems and leave the original version you want to run regularly on your computer.

What precautions should be taken to protect Hard disk drive?

The key to protecting your data from a hard drive crash is to install and backup software solution and create a backup of your system to an external drive. NovaBACKUP Professional allows you to create an image backup, which in the event of a hard drive failure, will provide you with the ability to restore an entire drive to another computer.

In what part of the computer is the external hard drive located?

Actually, the external hard drive is not located in the computer. It is an external hard drive, which means it is on the outside of the computer. It is plugged into the computer's USB port with a cord.

What is the process called that makes copies of your files to an external drive?