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Is an online degree really considered an education by an employer?

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It depends upon the field of study that the on-line degree covers as to whether or not an employer really considers it as an "education".It also depends on the firm who would be hiring the candidate,and how established the firm is....

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Where can one go online to get a a Master's Degree in Education?

One can get a Master's Degree in Education online from: Study Interactive, Flexible Master, Edi Informatics, Excite, Almeda University, Online Degrees In Education.

Can I get a masters of education degree online?

visit them at: about them: Getting your master's degree in education will add a depth of understanding to the broader liberal arts education you received in your bachelor's degree studies.

What are the similarities for online and traditional education?

similarities of online and Traditional Education:Both education systems are the best and have similarities between online education you need to attend proper classesin traditional education you need to attend classes as well online education system your degree is accredited from Higher Education Authoritiesin Traditional Education system your Degree is also accredited as online Education you can specialize into a Single traditional Education you can specialize as well online and traditional education your Text Books are online and traditional Education systems you need to submit assignments and take assessments.

Can I get my degree certificate online?

Yes, there are tons of schools that offer online education for your bachelor's degree. It also depends on what you are majoring in.

Where can one study online to get a Bachelor of Education degree?

Bachelor of Education degree can now be studied online from a variety of learning providers. Some examples of these providers are WorldWidelearn and eLearners.

How do I begin to find some education degrees online?

You can get on the Online College Degree Basics or Online Education Programs or Universities Begin to Offer Online High School Diplomas. There are many places to get an education there.

Is a online degree the same as a regular degree?

Yes But if online Degree is Accredited from an Accreditation department then regarded as the same. I personally Appreciate online degrees because it is easier way to education.

Can you get a music education degree online?

Online music education degrees usually take about 17 to 24 months depending on what level of degree you are aiming for. However, if you want to get the best degree, then choose to study for 24 months.

Bachelor degree online for teaching?

Yes they are available from accredited online colleges. You can get a degree in early childhood, elementary education, secondary and other specialization, based on your education background and interests.

Are there fast pace online master of education programs?

Yes several accredited online colleges do offer accelerated programs in education (master degree in education).

Is online education a legitimate way to get a useful degree?

Online education can be a legitimate way to get a useful degree, but the potential student has to be careful when choosing a program. The online program must have proper credentials and a good track record.

How does online education compare?

An online degree will not be as valuable as a regular university degree. Most online degrees do not include degrees that are highly sought in the current economy.

What are facts about online education?

Nowadays, pursuing a degree through online education is common, and the value of online degree from a proper accredited university or college is equally weight than the traditional campus-based degree. With both campus- based degree and online education you have more options to choose from if you want to earn a degree for you career advancement. The one fact that I can share with both traditional training programs and online education courses is that whichever of these two you choose to take, without hard work, determination and perseverance, you wont get much in the future for your career.

Is it hard to get a job with an accredited online degree?

Online degree programs are similar as of the campus degree programs. All the basic requirements for studying are fulfilled equally by the online schools as of the campus schools. the online schools in US offer the top quality online education and offer a complete range of online degrees which are similar to the degrees offered by the campus schools. the online schools are similarly accredeted by the acreditation authorities as are the campus schools hence there is no major difference in the two. the quality of online education at online schools is considered to be better because of continuous monitoring and observation. to get complete details about Online Schools there exist multiple sites which are offering details of online schools, online degrees and the quality of online education offered in those degree programs

Where can you get an online bachelor degree from?

You can receive an online bachelor's degree from the Bachelor's Degree Online website that aids in finding and pursuing an online education. This website covers a variety of degrees available that would meet your needs and interests.

Can I get my doctorate degree online?

Yes, you can. However, I would not recommend it because you will not get the best education online.

What are the best online degree progams?

BBA and MBA degree are considered as the best online degree programs according to the recent survey conducted in US.

Where can one find information on online master's degree education?

One can find an online master's degree education by searching for online universities that offer high level MA degrees. Online school's such as masters.ed and provide information on their MA degrees.

Is it possible to obtain my general education degree online?

Yes, there are a number of places online to obtain your general education degree. Find a reputable community college in your area, and ask them if they have an online program. If not, there are a number of other colleges around the country that offer it online.

What colleges offer an online bachelors degree in education?

Some universities and colleges offers an online bachelor degree in order for students to be hassle free. Drexel university offers a bachelors degree in education. Visit their website at

Is it possible to get a Bachelor of Science in Education degree through online classes?

Many online universities offer classes in education which will lead to a degree in elementary education. However, the student still has to student teach to receive certification in most states.

Are there any online masters of education degree?

Yes, I would start by looking at Capella or DeVry. Kaplan would also have a masters of education degree.

What are good websites with online degrees?

These are the top 3 universities for online degrees 1.University of Phoenix 2.Kaplan university 3.Liberty university online. The top searched online programs are 1.Nursing Degree 2.MBA Degree 3.Criminal Justice Degree 4.Web Design Degree 5.Paralegal Degree Education Degree 6.Business Administration Degree 7.Psychology Degree 8.IT Degree 9.Early Childhood Education Degree

How can I get a special education degree online?

online special education degree is a very advanced way of getting educated. There can be negative things but everything has a negative and a positive quality . there are many other options too.

Will most companies accept an online degree as a form of valid education, and can education be pursued to a high degree if career facilitates the need?

Yes all online degrees are from an accredited school. Many of the top colleges offer online degrees for business and careers that require a lot of education.