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Q: Is an peach a fruit or a vegetable?
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Is peach a fruit or vegetable?

A peach is a fruit.

Is a Peach fruit of vegetable?

a fruit.

Peach fruit or vegetable?

fruit The peach is a fruit (seed bearing) Also, watermelon is a veggie!

Are peaches a fruit or vegetable?

A peach is a fruit. a peach is a fruit because it has a seed in it any thing that has a seed in it is a fruit

Is a Capsicum a vegetable or fruit?

It's a fruit because it has the seed of the plant. Same as apple, tomato. peach, cucumber.

Which fruit eaten as a vegetable was originally known a love apple?

the tomato which is also known as wolf apple or wolf peach.

What is a vegetable or fruit that starts with a p?

· peach, pear, plum, prune, papaya, pepper, pumpkin, pineapple, pomegranate, pomelo, persimmon, pawpaw

What category is asparagus beans and pepper in?

Fruit vegetables

Is a pair a fruit or a vegetable?

A pair is a fruit, not a vegetable

How do you classify a fruit from a vegetable?

A fruit has seeds and a vegetable doesn't, for example: a tomato is a fruit, a carrot is a vegetable, a banana is a fruit. Anything with seeds is definitely a fruit and anything else is a vegetable.

Does the sugar in fruit make it a vegetable?

No a fruit is a fruit which has seeds. A vegetable is a vegetable that we have to make into a salad or currys

What is a fruit what is a vegetable?

A fruit that is a vegetable a tomatto

A fruit that rhymes with beach?

The fruit is a peach.

Is an avocado a fruit?

Yes, an avocado is a fruit. There are two ways you can tell if a fruit/vegetable is a vegetable or a fruit. 1) If it has seeds, it's a fruit. If it doesn't, it's a vegetable. 2) If it continues to ripen after it's picked then it is a fruit. If not, vegetable.

Eggplant fruit or vegetable?

if it has seeds then it is a fruit but it belongs to the vegetable family so if it has seeds an eggplant is a fruit and a vegetable

What is the Tagalog of the fruit peach?

Tagalog translation of FRUIT PEACH: milokoton

Who made the peach?

The peach as in fruit peach? God made the peach.

Of the Avocado peanut tomato and peach which one is not classified as a fruit.?

The Avacado is considered a vegetable. See the related link for more information, at the lower left of this answer box.

Could I get a list of fruits and Vegetables that Represents each of the 50 States of the US?

Try this URL Alabama: state fruits: Blackberry, Peach Arkansas: state fruit and vegetable: South Arkansas Vine Ripe Pink Tomato Florida: state fruit: Orange Georgia: state fruit: Peach, state vegetable: Vidalia Sweet Onion Idaho: state fruit: Huckleberry, state vegetable: Potato Illinois: state fruit: Apple Kentucky: state fruit: Blackberry Louisiana: state fruit: Strawberry, state vegetable: Sweet Potato Maine: state fruit: Blueberry Massachusetts: state vegetable: Baked Navy Bean Minnesota: state fruit: Honeycrisp Apple, state vegetable: Mushroom, Morel Missouri: state fruit: Norton Cynthiana Grape New Hampshire: state vegetable: Pumpkin New Jersey: state fruits: Highbush Blueberry, Jersey Tomato New Mexico: state vegetables: Chiles, Frijoles (Refried Beans) New York: state fruit: Apple North Carolina: state fruits: Strawberry, Scuppernong Grape, state vegetable: Sweet Potato North Dakota: state fruit: Chokecherry Oklahoma: state fruits: Watermelon, Strawberry, state vegetables: Corn, Squash, Okra Oregon: state fruit: Pear state vegetable: Pacific Golden Chanterelle Rhode Island: state fruit: Rhode Island Greening Apple South Carolina: state fruit: Peach Tennessee: state fruit: Tomato Texas: state fruit: Texas Red Grapefruit, state vegetables: Jalapeno Pepper, Chiltepin Utah: state fruit: Cherry, state vegetables: Spanish Sweet Onion, Sugar beet Vermont: state fruit: Apple Washington: state fruit: Apple, state vegetable: Walla Walla Sweet Onion West Virginia: state fruit: Golden Delicious Apple Wisconsin: state fruit: Cranberry

Why is a tomato a vegetable when its meant to be a fruit?

its a fruit not a vegetable

How do you tell if something is a fruit or vegetable?

If it has a seed its a fruit if it has no seed its a vegetable.

Is an onion a fruit or a vegetable?

An onion is a vegetable not a fruit.

Is tomato not a fruit and a vegetable?

tomato is not a vegetable, its a fruit because fruit has seed

What part of plant is a peach?

A peach is a fruit.

What fruit rhymes with beech?