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Unfortunately it is not but I belive that it should

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โˆ™ 2011-02-20 16:59:33
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Q: Is animal abuse illegal all over the world?
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What do they do to the owners of abused animals?

Who are "they"? "They" (the ASPCA) usually thank you for adopting an abused shelter animal. It is not illegal to own an abused animal. In some jurisdictions it is illegal to abuse an animal. The laws vary from place-to-place and change over time. The laws also vary in definition of what constitutes abuse.

Is animal abuse local or global?

global of course they are abused all over the world

Is animal abuse getting better?

i really don't believe it is because there i animal abuse all over the world and in china they eat cats and dogs so technically no

Is animal abuse a global problem?

Yes, animal abuse is a global problem. Unfortunately, people all over the world abuse animals. There are 100 million animals alone that are used for laboratory testing worldwide.

Is there any confusion between animal abuse and hunting?

Abuse is abuse, no matter what species, and abuse has criminal consequences. Hunting for food or due to over population isn't considered animal abuse to many, and many advert their eyes to such practice. Poaching or illegal hunting is animal abuse, because of animals endangered of being extinct. If animals becomes extinct there's a disruption in the food chain, and that will cause major problems in our ecosystem. Some believe hunting is abuse, but if it were not for hunting many species would already be extinct "including humans". Depends a lot on whether the animal wasn't humanely killed while being hunted or if the animal was abusively tortured before it was killed, that would be considered animal abuse.

How many organizations work to stop animal abuse?

The World Animal Net Directory calls itself the world's largest database of animal protection societies. It lists more than 17,000 animal protection organizations in over 170 countries.

How many animal are saved each year from abuse?

over 6 million are saved from abuse each year

Where countries is illegal to cannibalism?

This is illegal all over the world.

Why is animal abuse so common?

Animal abuse is very common because most people think that animals are helpless and you can do anything to them. You get mad at them, so you throw them. They claw you, so you cut them. Animal abuse is wrong. Some people think that animal abuse is nothing, but it is indeed not nothing. People think that since the animal can't do anything, they can take control over them and hit them, put them in illegal animal fights where they are often killed or kill them themselves. People who cause animal abuse or horrid people, they do go to jail where they belong. Imagine if you were abusing an animal, now think if you were the animal being abused, you wouldn't like it either. Animals should die of old age, not of being abused.

How many animal die a year over abuse or being killed in 2007?

Over 60 million.

Is solvent abuse illegal?

No It's not considered illegal because the products are sold over a counter all the time but it still doesn't mean you should do it.

Is it illegal to attempt suicide in Montana?

Suicide is illegal to all over the world

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