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Rutherford B Hayes

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Q: Is anyone from fremont Ohio famous?
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What President is buried in Fremont Ohio?

the president that was buried in fremont ohio was green cheese covered in chocolate covered in sprinkles

What president from Fremont Ohio planted buckeye trees on the grounds of the White House during his presidency?

Hayes was from Fremont, Ohio. He likely had some buckeye trees planted.

Where did Rutherford B. Hayes grow up?

Rutheford B. Hayes grew up in Fremont, Ohio

How many states have a city named fremont?

Fremont is a city in Alameda County, California. Fremont is a town in Steuben County, Indiana. Fremont is a city in Mahaska County, Iowa. Fremont is a city in Newaygo County, Michigan. Fremont is a city in Dodge County, Nebraska. Fremont is a town in Rockingham County, New Hampshire. Fremont is a town in Sullivan County, New York. Fremont is a town in Wayne County, North Carolina. Fremont is a city in Sandusky County, Ohio. Fremont is a village in Waupaca County, Wisconsin.

What is the distance between Columbus Ohio and Fremont Ohio?

107 miles taking this route:Take U.S. 23 NORTH from Columbus to SR-53/67 to UPPER SANDUSKY and TIFFIN. EXIT.Turn right off the exit ramp, then follow SR-53 NORTH to Fremont.

Where was the home of the 19th president?

#19 was Rutherford Hayes. He was from Fremont, Ohio. He was born and grew up in Delaware, Ohio.

How many miles from Fremont Ohio to Charlotte North Caroilina?

Around 570.

Where is the Sandusky County Historical in Fremont Ohio located?

The address of the Sandusky County Historical is: 334 N Buchanan St, Fremont, OH 43420

What is the town halfway between Fremont OH and Ft Myers FL?

The halfway point between Fremont, Ohio and Fort Myers Florida is Kennesaw, Georgia.

Rutherford B. Hayes' home near Fremont Ohio called?

Spiegel Grove

What is the halfway point between Fremont Ohio and Gulf Breeze Florida?

Nashville, Tennessee

What is the telephone number for the Municipal Court Sandusky County Fremont Ohio?

The main line 419-332-1579. For more information regarding Fremont Municipal Court, or other courts in Sandusky County, Ohio, see the related link.