Is apex part of the lungs?


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Apex refers to the top or tip. So apex can refer to many, many things, such as:

  1. Apex of the lungs
  2. Apex of the heart

In plant botony, it refers to

  1. a part of the leaf, to be more specific the top or tip of the leaf

In electronics, it can refer to a specific brand of product.

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Your apex is not an organ, but is part of an organ. There is the apex of the heart and the apex of the lungs (apex pulmonis), both organs.

The term apex means the top or the point. The apex of the lung is the top rounded part.

The Lungs are a part of the respiratory system.

The nose is not a part of the lungs. However, the nose and lungs are both part of the same organ system, that is the respiratory system.

Bi means two, and apical refers to an apex, so typically this term would refer to the two apices (top pointed part) of the lungs. For example, there may be biapical scarring in the lungs from an old TB infection.

There affected by all part of the lungs you keep smoking why!!!

The apex of the heart is the lowest superficial part of the heart. the only thing outside of the apex is the pericardium.

The lungs inflate part by part. The lungs inflate when the diaphragm is pulled down. The intercostal muscles push out, which causes the chest and lungs to expand and to create a vacuum.

the tar in cigarette smoke is the part that harms your lungs

Apex means top or peak. For instance the apex of the lung is the very top part.

The uppermost part of the lung is the lung apex. Apical means pertaining to the apex.

The lungs are in the respiratory system

The lungs are part of the respiratory (breathing) system.

root apex - it is a that part of plant present in root system & which grow down to the earth. shoot apex - it is that part of plaent present in shoot system & which grows above the earth surface.

Yes. You have primary, secondary, tertiary and about seventeen such generations of bronchi. They are part of the lungs.

The lungs are part of the respiratory system (breathing)

No, the lungs are not part of the digestive system.

the lungs are part of the respiratory system!

Your lungs are around the area of your chest.

Ribs is the main part that protect the lungs

Lungs are part of the respiratory system.

The lungs connect to and are a part of the respiratory system.

Lungs are located in the thorax. In between the two lungs, you have the heart. Lungs occupy most part of the thorax.

Respiratory bronchioles and the alveoli are the smallest part in case of the lungs. There are millions of them in your lungs.

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