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Within North America (USA, Canada, etc.), area code 877 is toll-free, as are area codes 800, 888, 866, 855, and 844, with 833 and 822 reserved for future toll-free numbers.

If the first digit is an 8 and the second and third digits are the same, then it's toll-free.

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Q: Is area code 877 a free call?
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How much money are you charged from an 877 area code call?

Within North America (USA, Canada, and certain Caribbean/nearby islands), area code 877 is toll-free. You should not be charged anything for a call to area code 877, with the possible exception of airtime charges on a cell phone. Some payphones charge for calls to area code 877, but it is illegal to do so.

Should you answer a call to your cell phone from an 877 area code?

Area code 877 just means it's a toll-free number. It could be a telemarketer, but it could also be someone using a calling card from a payphone.

What area code and prefix is 877-868?

Area code 877 is toll-free. It could be anywhere in North America (USA, Canada, etc.), or it could even be an overseas call center taking calls from North America.

In area code 877 where is exchange 864?

Area code 877 is a non-geographic toll-free code, along with 800, 888, 866, and 855. You cannot determine where a particular toll-free number is located.

What region of the United States has the area code 877?

Area code 877 was created in 1998 for toll free calls. Calls to number in this area code may be restricted by the customer to whom the number is assigned.

Could area code 877 be in another country?

In North America (USA, Canada, etc.), area code 877 is one of the codes used for toll-free calls. Other toll-free codes are 800, 888, 866, 855, and 844. A toll-free call could be routed to anywhere in the world, but the call is only toll-free from North America or some part(s) of it.

How can you block telephone calls with an 877 area code?

The procedure for blocking calls from a particular number or area code depend on your telephone carrier (cellphone company or local phone company). Area code 877 is toll-free calls.

Which country has plus 1 877 calling code?

Telephone country code +1 is North America (USA, Canada, etc.). Area code +1 877 is a domestic toll-free prefix. 877 numbers may or may not be reachable from outside North America; if the call does go through, the caller will probably pay the normal international call charge for a call to the United States.

What calling area is 877-xxx-xxxx?

In North America (USA, Canada, etc.), area code 877 is toll-free. Toll-free codes are 800, 888, 877, 866, and 855, with 844, 833, and 822 reserved for future toll-free use.

Is area code 262 a free area code call?

Toll free codes in US and Canada are 800, 855, 866, 877, and 888. Future toll-free codes include 844, 833, 822, and the remaining 88X codes. In UK they use 0800 code for toll free calls. Area code 262 is a regular area code for Racine and Waukesha, Wisconsin, surrounding but not including Milwaukee.

What area code is 887?

toll-free telephone numbers in the North American Numbering Plan. Area code 877 (Russia), Republic of Adygea.

How much does it cost per minute from area code 410 to area code 855?

Zero. Area code 855 is toll-free, along with 800, 888, 877, and 866, and in future 844, 833, and 822.Note that you may still pay for airtime to call a toll-free number from your cellphone.

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