Is arsenic flammable or corrosive?


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Some arsenicals are flammable, others are corrosive...the problem with arsenic is how incredibly poisonous it is.

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This is a strange one. Flammable materials can burn. Corrosive materials can dissolve other materials. A material can be both flammable and corrosive. Alcohols are an example.

Corrosive, but it also 'burns' with hydrogen gas

Flammable, combustible, corrosive: not determined, but very probable not. Einsteinium is a moderate reactive metal.

Magnesium is flammable; after burning magnesium oxide is formed.

poisonous, flammable, and corrosive

Methylated spirits is flamable.Acid is a corrosive substance.

it is very --------- Ions of halogens (including I-) are known as corrosive in solution; also hot iodine and vapours of some salts (ex.: CsI) are corrosive.

Explosive-gas-flammable flammable-oxide-poison-

toxic, explosive, flammable, and corrosive

it is not flamable but im not sure about the corrsive or combustible

hey are poisonous, flammable, and corrosive to metals.

the three degrees of hazard are poisonus, flammable and corrosive

The meaning is dangerous: corrosive or toxic, explosive or flammable.

irritant, harmful, harmful to environment, poison, flammable, corrosive

- chlorine is toxic - chlorine is corrosive - chlorine react with flammable materials

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide can cause suffocation, and is not flammable (often used in certain fire extinguishers).

Many chemicals can be explosive, corrosive, flammable, toxic for humans, animals and environment, radioactive, etc.

Do you mean WHMIS symbols? The "Flammable" "Corrosive", etc, badges that you see on chemicals?

Very. Concentrated acetic acid (~15 M) is highly corrosive and flammable.

Nope, it's very safe. You always eat it, because its in your common salt

It is difficult to answer you unless you say which insect spray. The tin should tell you about all these things, have a look at it. In general most pesticides are toxic and flammable.

Oxygen itself is not flammable or combustible; but a combustion doesn't exist without oxygen - the oxidizing agent. Also oxygen can corrode metals by oxidation.

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