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No, it's a spelling error arising from a common mispronunciation. Asphalt (As-fault) is correct. Many Australians pronounce it Ash-felt, which is even more incorrect!

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Q: Is ashphalt another spelling for asphalt?
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How do you spell asphalt?

Asphalt is the correct spelling.

Will desiel ruin ashphelt?

I've no idea but asphalt can be ruined by poor spelling.

What is mixed with ashphalt to make roads?


Is this how you spell asphat?

No, that is not correct. "Asphat" does not exist in the English language.The correct spelling you want is asphalt.For example:We need more asphalt for the road.

What is a hard rock used to build bridges?

ashphalt and gravel

What is another name for bitumen?

Typically, bitumen and "asphalt" are interchangeable.

How much do ashphalt shingles weigh per square foot?

2.7 lbs.

What is the difference between cold mix asphalt and cutback asphalt?

Cold Mix Asphalt is a mixture of aggregate and asphalt. Cutback asphalt is a liquid asphalt. Cold Mix Asphalt is a mixture of Aggregate and Asphalt. The Asphalt is usually am emulsion asphalt or a cutback asphalt. An emulsion asphalt is asphalt cement blended with water. Cutback asphalt is asphalt cement blended with a fuel oil, kerosene, or a naptha. The water, fuel oil, kerosene or Naphta evaporates and leaves the asphalt.

Did gohmann asphalt and construction co sell to another company?


Can you use cement to tile on an asphalt floor?

If you are positive that it is asphalt I would not suggest adhering tile directly to the asphalt. If removal of asphalt is not an option I would install a subfloor and use thinset mortar to adhere the tile. Another option (probably the better option) would be to pour a concrete mix over the asphalt. Than use thinset to install the tile. The concrete will incapsolate the asphalt. Asphalt more than likely has oils in it and can be a hazard.

What is another way of spelling aluminum?

The British spelling is "aluminium"; the American spelling is "aluminum."

What is a dark sticky tar like substance that you used to pave roads?

uhh ashphalt

What is another way spelling Beijing?

Peking is another (older) way of spelling the capital of China, Beijing.

A tarry mixture used to make a smooth hard surface on roads and paths?

Asphalt. Macadam is another common name for the process. To Macadamize something is to pave it with asphalt.

What is another spelling for weather?

whether is another they are homonyms

What is another word for bitumen?

Bitumen is a petroleum tar, known as asphalt, pitch, or blacktop.

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Oesophagus It's the traditional English spelling Oesophagus It's the traditional English spelling

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The spelling ketchup is a correct spelling, and another frequent name is catsup.(they are the same condiment)

What is the specific gravity of asphalt?

Asphalt cement ~ 1.03 Asphalt concrete ~ 2.5

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How do you write a sentence with the word asphalt in it?

Use asphalt as a noun. I fell on the asphalt and hurt my knee.