Is astatine a metalloid?


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It is usually considered a metalloid, but also sometimes considered a halogen or just a plain ol' metal.

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No, the guy before me was wrong, Astatine is a Metalloid and it is used in the Radiotherapy of cancer.

Astatine is not a metalloid but a nonmetal; astatine is a solid because is more heavier than fluorine.

Astatine is a nonmetal and halogen.

Astatine is actually a metalloid. Therefore, it doesn't rust.

My science teacher says that Astatine is a nonmetal.

The metalloid with 7 valence electrons would be astatine.

Astatine, with the symbol At and the atomic number 85, is usually classified at a metalloid, but this is in dispute. It is sometimes classified as a halogen, and possibly a metal. It is still being studied.

Aluminum is not a metalloid. Usually, polonium and astatine are not considered metalloids either.

no because metalloid only are silicon,arcenic,tellurium,astatine,boron,germanium,antimony,and polonium are the metalloids. -Lloyd Daniel Aldana

Astatine falls along the Metalloid zigzag but is not a metalloid. It is an element similar to iodine

boron, silicon, germanium, arsenic, antimony, tellurium, polonium, astatine

Astatine is the largest metalloid on the periodic table. This metalloid has an atomic number of 85. Its molar mass is 210 gram per mol.

Astatine wouldn't form salt as readily as other elements in Group 17. Astatine is a radioactive metalloid. Other elements in Group 17 are nonmetals.

No, Boron (B) is classified as a metalloid, which is an element with propertyies intermediate between metals and nonmetals. Other metalloids are: Silicon, Germanium, Arsenic, Antimony, Tellurium, Polonium and Astatine.

Metalloids are: arsenic, germanium, silicon, boron, tellurium, antimony; selenium is als probable a metalloid but the question is disputed. I think that polonium is a metal and astatine a halogen.

It is a metalloid. It is in the p block.

The chemical formula for astatine is "At"

Astatine has 125 neutrons

Astatine is a chemical element, not a compound.

Astatine is an element, an atom.

Astatine is an element with the symbol At.

You use astatine to heal hyperthyroidism.

The color of the element astatine is unknown.

The chemical symbol of astatine is At

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