Is asthma caused by an infection?


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not sure, but I think it comes naturally.

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lung infection,pneumonia,bronchitis,asthma,etc.

No croup is caused by an infection. The infection causes swelling of the larynx. It will cause a bark like cough. It mostly happens in kids because a kids airway is narrower than an adults and is more suseptable to it. Asthma is caused by constriction of the alveoli and bronci causing weezing and trouble breathing.

Infection is the reason for a WBC. Be it asthmatic bronchitis or not. Asthma alone won't do it. That's not an infection.

Yes, there can be a chance that a person with asthma may have infection. Since the immune system may be compromised too.

I have bronchial asthma and can be caused by exercise or allergiens.

Any infection (including Urinary Tract Infection - UTI) can play some role in asthma, though this is not a normal trigger for an attack.

No. It makes it harder. (Asthma is not an infection, but you can have both.)

No, asthma does not live, it is a medical condition, not an infection. And yes, people suffering from Down's syndrome can get asthma.

because of infection, if there is an infection, probably it has bacteria that cause fever to the patient.

There are many ways an asthma attack can be triggered i have asthma but mine is caused by smoke, running, and also to much powder but every human body is different and could be caused differently

it can be caused from crying or laughing

No. It is a genetically inherited disease, not a viral infection.

No, asthma is a chronic inflammation and narrowing of bronchial passages in the lungs. But it can vary in severity over time, and it can certainly be made worse by an upper respiratory infection.

Because a chest infection clogs the throat making it hard to breath so if you have an asthma attack it makes it harder to breath -girl

Yes. The infection is essentially caused by fungal infection.

ringworm is a fungal infection. It is not caused by worms.

It is caused by an infection

its a genetic disorder...or can be caused by smoking/2nd hand smoking

Most bronchial asthma attacks are caused by hyper-sensitivity of the victims to air-borne particles or allergies to certain foods.lalalalalalalal

Yes, staph infection is caused by staphylococcus bacteria.

As simple as that a viral infection is caused by a virus and a bacterial infection is caused by a bacteria.

In the first place, asthma is not an infection, and no, you can't "catch" it from someone who has it.

It is caused by a virus infection

Asthma is not caused by an infection. It is a chronic recurrent inflammatory condition of the lungs marked by acute bronchospasm and inflammation of the bronchi and bronchioles, causing difficulty breathing and wheezing. While some infections (particularly viral pulmonary infections) can cause wheezing, they do not cause asthma. Most people will have no further wheezing once over their illness.

Asthma only affects the breathing of the human body. Asthma is caused by the swelling of the airways. Asthma causes wheezing, a rise or inflammation of the chest, and shortness of breath.

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