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Atmospheric pressure is measured in weight per square area, such as pounds per square inch... so no, it doesn't increase if the area increases.

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How does pressure depend on area and force?

Pressure = force/area This means that the larger the force, the larger the pressure. But the smaller the area, the larger the pressure.

What are anticyclones in geography?

An cyclone is an area of low atmospheric air pressure. An anticyclone, on the other hand, is an area of high atmospheric air pressure.

What is atmospheric pressure from absolute pressure?

Pressure can be defines as a force acting normally on unit area of the surface. also mathematically pressure can be defined as : pressure= normal force/ area Atmospheric pressure decreases with altitude and is measured by barometer.

What is an elongated area of low atmospheric pressure?

a trough!

What is atmospheric pressure-?

Atmospheric pressure is the force per unit area exerted on a surface by the weight of air above that surface in the atmosphere of Earth.

What does rising atmospheric pressure usually indicate?

a high pressure system is moving into an area

When cold air moves into an area the atmospheric pressure is?

When cold air moves into an area, the atmospheric pressure is high because cold air is denser than warm air. When a cold front moves through an area, the pressure always rises.

What is the relationship between atmospheric pressure and the density of gas particles in an area of increasing pressure?

As air pressure in an area increases, the density of the gas particles in that area decreases.

When the area get larger the pressure?


The ratio of the weight of air to the area on which it presses is called?

Atmospheric pressure

Is Minnesota bigger than Michigan?

Minnesota is larger in land area, but in total area, Michigan is larger.

Where does the force of a cyclone come from?

Cyclone is caused due to the variation of atmospheric pressure in the air. Especially in the low atmospheric zone, air comes from all sides to balance the atmospheric pressure in that area. That's why cyclone is created. So the force for cyclone comes from variation in atmospheric pressure.

The measure of the force with which air molecules are pushing on the Earth's surface?

This force is called atmospheric pressure, the force is measured per unit area because the bigger the area the more molecules hit. It is 14.7 pounds per square inch ("psi")

Why does area affect the pressure?

Because the smaller the surface area, the more pressure has to be used, and the bigger the surface area, the less pressure you have to use.

How do you increase pressure and decrease pressure?

Pressure is force divided by area. To increase pressure, you either make the force bigger or the area smaller To decrease pressure you either make the force smaller or the area bigger Hope this helped From the Biology Lesson Ravesses

Which is larger in area Texas or Spain?

Texas is bigger.

Why does the wind blow when there are clouds but not when it is sunny?

The statement is not true. Wind is the product of atmospheric pressure systems. Clouds present only within a certain area of the atmospheric pressure system.

What is bigger Venezuela or Australia?

By leand area, Australia is larger. By population Venezuela is larger.

Why do skis have a larger surface area?

The larger the surface area the more pressure can be spread out, therefore it is less likely to fall through the snow. As pressure = f / a.

Which is bigger New York or Georgia?

Georgia has a larger area.

What country is bigger Somalia or Kenya?

Somalia is larger in area.

Why does atmospheric pressure change as you go up in altitude?

Atmospheric pressure is basically the weight of the column of air above you, go higher and the column is shorter resulting in less weight over the same area (lower pressure)

What force put on a given area by the weight of the air above it is called what?

Atmospheric pressure

Give two examples on how area affects the pressure?

area affects pressure ,for example like when you walk on sand while wearing heels or flat shoes ,the area of heel is smaller so larger is the pressure whereas area of flat shoes is larger so smaller the pressure.

What is a device that displays atmospheric pressure?

A barometer.Barometric pressure is usually read and rated in millibars of atmospheric pressure. A standard day at sea level, would be 29.9 on the barometric scale. That is, neither a high or low pressure in the area and generally sunny.