Is aurlus mabele alive?

The return of Aurlus Mabele
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There finally is some news about Aurlus Mabele the singer from Congo Brazza who had such a huge succes with his style of Soukous during the 1980's.

Aurlus who had a serious health problem could even hardly speak and on top of that his wife left him after she had taken him to the hospital. A couple of years ago I bumped into him in Paris outside the Sonima record shop, he told me then that he was ill and it was also visible.

At the height of his success he was very popular in the French Caribean, but during a recent tour there he was (according to him) humiliated by his guitarist Diblo he gave him 300 Euros but who himself took 6000.

Let's hope that now that his health has improved he will be able to record some new material