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It is good, in most cases it stop the baby from crying and screaming.

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Q: Is baby cradle on a baby bad or good?
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How do you build a baby cradle?

Baby Cradle PlansAll I can afford you for this answer is a link, because it would literally take days for me to write up plans for a cradle.Baby Cradle Plans - Freewood skills a good plan and ability

How do you use the word Cradle in a sentence?

I will cradle him in my arms.The cradle was broken.

What part of speech is cradle?

Noun - as in "put the baby in the cradle"Verb - as in "cradle the puppy in your arms"

Where can one buy cradle cap treatment?

If your baby has little to no hair, baby oil can be a good solution for cradle cap. Simply apply sparingly to baby's head and let it sit for a few minutes, then comb out the flakes of cradle cap. If your baby has a lot of hair, using oil may not be indicated because it will make the hair very greasy and difficult to wash.

Where is the baby cygnet?

in the cradle

What is a baby's cradle called?

crib ? ? ? ?

Who are the characters in The Cradle will Fall?

the baby

How could a baby sleep in an oscillating cradle?

The cradle's movement imitates the motion of the mother's body while the baby was developing in the womb.

What is the rhyme to stop babies from crying?

Rock a bye baby, In the tree tops, when the wind blows , the cradle will rock, when the bough breaks the cradle will fall, and down will come baby cradle and all . I use this with my 6 month old baby and she is out like a light

Where can you buy a baby cradle?

A baby cradle can be a great idea when an individual wants to keep their baby close to them while sleeping. Cradle's can be purchased at many different retail outlets as well as on line. Babies R Us has a wide selection of cribs as does Walmart and The Bay.

What should one do to make sure a baby cradle is safe?

Firstly, one should make sure that the baby cradle is of sound construction, and nothing is loose. You should also make sure there are no choking hazards near or in the cradle.

What is the meaning of cradle?

A Cradle is a bed for a baby. The word is used to express the place where something begins or the place of its infancy. Example: "Philadeophia was known as the Cradle of Liberty".