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no it is not if your are pregnant the pregnancy is not progressed enough for back aches but keep a close eye for other symptoms

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Q: Is backache a symptom of pregnancy before you missed periods?
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How do you know if pregnant if 3 days before period with heaviness and pain in breasts with low backache?

Pregnancy in the first trimester does not cause backache -- but periods sure do!

What are the symptom before pregnancy?

You have no pregnancy symptoms before you are pregnant.

Is backache a symptom of pregnancy before period missed?

Most likely no. Before ur period is usually a sign of menstration wich means you're going to get your period very soon. Stop worrying :)

Can a woman get pregnant after two weeks before her periods and have headaches instade of periods?

yes,ovulation can occur at any point in your cycle. Headaches are a common symptom of pregnancy. If you feel you may be pregnant you should take a home pregnancy test and/or see your doctor.

You have been having regular periods but you have strange nausea spells Could this be a sign of pregnancy you got pregnant earlier this year but miscarried before any symptoms could show?

It could be a symptom of pregnancy but you do not have normal periods that are heavy flow during pregnancy. You can experience light bleeding but not heavy. Do a test.

Is it possible Pregnancy after periods?

After or before, so yeah

Does Abdominal cramps a week before periods indicate pregnancy?

Almost always.

Im having cramping five days before my period I've never had this happen before could this be a pregnancy symptom?


How soon can you know you are pregnant?

You can know the pregnancy status before the due date of periods. It is expensive. There is no advantage to know it before ten days of missed periods.

Lower abdominal cramping is pregnancy symptom?

Yes, lower abdominal cramping is a pregnancy symptom. You can feel crampy, exactly like you would before your period. I felt crampy for three or four days and then tested positive! :)

Is little brown spotting before 6 days of periods are sign of pregnancy?

It all depends, sometimes it does happen then your periods follow a day or two after, but it not you had better take a pregnancy test.

Is a facial rash a symptom of pregnancy before a missed period?

I'm 6days late and I got a facial rash

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