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yes... is more than a plain graduation


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Q: Is bba graduation or a diploma?
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Is bba like a graduation?

no its a Divjot

Is it possible to do IAS after diploma graduation?

yes it is possible to do ias after diploma graduation bacause minimum qualification is minimum graduation in any stream.

Is bba a gradUATION?

Off course BBA is a degree course and if some college or any source offer u other than degree never opt for that and for top colleges that offer BBA check out this link BBA is graduation degree for your information any course which is on 10+2+3 pattern is count as a degree for more information about BBA in India you can visit the following link

Where do I go to get my nursing diploma?

Your diploma will be give to after your graduation date. If you decided to attend the graduation ceremony you will typically be given a holder for your diploma which will be mailed out to you several weeks later.

Is polytechnic diploma equivalent to graduation?

Yes it is equivalent to general graduation. For e.g. Diploma in Computer technology is at par with Bsc Science.

Is 3 yr diploma and graduation is same?


What would be served at a Chinese graduation?


Diploma in engineering can convert to graduation?

Ask your teacher.

Can you do BBA with diploma qualification?

for your informationany student who is passed in H.S. or equivalent exam is eligible for doing BBAequivalent exam include your diploma education too so go ahead and for your information here is a list of college s in each state for BBA admission, visit the link

When does a high school student gets his or her diploma?

Either at a graduation ceremony or later when the diploma is mailed. Most schools require class grades to be complete and all fees to be paid prior to graduation.

What is the difference between MBA and MMS?

The MBA is a Masters in Business Administration, while the MMS is a Masters in Medical Science (two distinct and separate fields of study)PGDBM = Post graduation diploma in business managementPGDBA = Post graduation diploma in business administrationPGDM = Post graduation diploma in managementMBA = Masters in Business AdministrationMMS = Masters in Management Studies

How do you get MBA course before btech?

there is no mba(post graduation) course before btech.bcom.bsc,bba. or any undergraduate degree..