Is bba MBA a better match or engineerng MBA?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Well there are lot of things which you can expect from a integrated course:

B.Tech+MBA: will give you dual qualifications. Tech+Management is most desirable profile these days.

B.Tech+M.Tech: Will made u the same field expert. You will be technically sound. But Management factor will miss here.

So my advice to you is that go for UPES,Dehradun as it is the Asia's first energy sector university..

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Q: Is bba MBA a better match or engineerng MBA?
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Can never be. BBA is a Bachelor's course and MBA is a Master's Course. So MBA is better than BBA.

Can you do MBA in regular after finishing bba in correspondence?

i have done bba in correspondence and iam trying for MBA in regular. are u doing the same?

Is there any common college for doing bba and engineering?

No dear that is not an option in India as of now. It may not happen in future as well the common degree (BBA and BE) has much better alternative (BE MBA), so....

What course is better BBA or BCom after 12th?

two of these are better... if u are intrested in bba you can go for that , but according to ur future if u select bba and go for a mba u will have well good salary job than the the private sector... if like bcom will get normal salary which is secured

What you do after bba?

There are many options after BBA but I suggest you to go for MBA. So that you can get good job. I have done the same.

If you have done bba in distance learning and MBA in full time course is it good for the job?

i have done bba in distance learning and MBA in full time course is it good for the job

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Is there a bba program at Harvard business school?

No, Harvard does not offer BBA course. It only has faculty for MBA & Phd.

What year did CEO Gerard Arpey finish his MBA?

Education: University of Texas, BBA, 1980; MBA, 1982.

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there is no mba(post graduation) course before btech.bcom.bsc,bba. or any undergraduate degree..

What is the cost of doing bba and MBA from the cheapest university of Australia?

The cost of study BBA in Australia are between to (9,00,000-16,00,000) & for study MBA cheapest university are in Australia are Edith Cowan, Swinburne & University of Technology Sydney. The cost of MBA in these university are (5,89,000-7,47,000).