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Is bba MBA a better match or engineerng MBA?

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2011-09-02 12:11:22
2011-09-02 12:11:22

Well there are lot of things which you can expect from a integrated course:

B.Tech+MBA: will give you dual qualifications. Tech+Management is most desirable profile these days.

B.Tech+M.Tech: Will made u the same field expert. You will be technically sound. But Management factor will miss here.

So my advice to you is that go for UPES,Dehradun as it is the Asia's first energy sector university..

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Can never be. BBA is a Bachelor's course and MBA is a Master's Course. So MBA is better than BBA.

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BBA ofcourse,bcoz bba has guaranted degree and can pusue MBA,but if we go only on CA,we cant be guaranteed that we gonna succeed better complete BBA & MBA first then if u still want to go on with CA u can pursue it at any age as eligibility for CA is only 10+2.As we know BBa graduates are paid higher amount in MNC's.

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While many of you may still be in your graduation level, you are now faced with a crucial question and that is whether you should opt for an MBA degree or not? You can even opt for a distance MBA colleges in Bangalore for your degree. Your parents, neighbours and cousins might have their own set of opinions. Most of us believe that an MBA degree is the ultimate gateway to a bright career. It indeed expands the knowledge on various subjects and gives a managerial advantage as well. Before you decide to get an MBA degree, it is important that you ideally find out your purpose of pursuing it. It is a professional degree and is going to give you an opportunity to work with corporate companies.So while there are many opportunities that an MBA degree holds, it is you who has to do your research and decide whether you would really want to pursue this degree. You can also enroll in top mba college in bangalore.There are numerous fields which you can start your career in when you do a Master of Business Administration Degree. To simplify it for you, here are a few reasons why you should get an MBA degree and enroll yourself in a good college:Develop Valuable Skills:An MBA degree is not just another degree where you are limited only to your books. There are presentations, assignments and a lot of research projects that you need to work on while you’re pursuing this degree. So you don’t just work on the theory level, but you get to hone your practical skills as well. You can even study at a Distance MBA college in Bangalore.Most of the MBA institutes make it mandatory for the students to take up courses to get them prepared for the corporate world. These skills are not just for you to deliver presentations and complete your projects and assignments but are also the bonus points that get you prepared for what’s coming. Whether your aim to get an MBA degree is to find a job or start your own venture, with MBA, you develop valuable skills that are going to help you in the long run.Here are a few skills that you get to add to your basket when you’re pursuing a Master of Business Administration Degree--Management Skills-People skills-Leadership Skills-Learn to sell, market and develop products and services-Create lasting connections and networks-Deal with unprecedented situations-Handle company finances-Make crucial decisions at work-Research, interpret and create reports-Maintain company’s financial health-Maintain the goodwill of the company-Maintain employee retentionOne of the highest salaries offered:Job security and high salary are some of the most vital among the benefits of an MBA degree. Compared to a regular master’s degree, the average income for an MBA graduate is much higher. You are most likely to earn twice as much as what you would get from any other university degree. Find the best college for Distance PGDM and enrol yourself.There are many fields you can get into with an MBA degree. It gives you a wide variety to choose from. Here are popular career choices you can choose from with an MBA degree: top executive, business operations manager, market research analyst, HR manager, management analyst, etc.Average salaries for MBA graduatesAccording to a research in 2020, these are some of the average MBA annual salaries in the various cities of India:In Gurgaon, Haryana – Rs 750,000 per yearIn Bangalore – Rs 730,000 per yearIn Mumbai – Rs 732,000 per yearIn Delhi – Rs 690,000 per yearIn Chennai– Rs 600,000 per yearIn Pune -Rs 620,000 per yearIn Hyderabad – Rs 590,000 per yearSalaries solely depend on the work experience you have. So the more number of years of work experience you have, the more salary will be given to you. Not to forget, great skills are also important along with the years of experience. Within a time period of two or three years, you can cover the investment you made with your MBA education.Grow your business network:You have great networking opportunities when you are an MBA student. You get to interact with a lot of students and professors not only from your college but other colleges as well. The teaching staff includes business people as well who have great management experience. All of these interactions only help you to expand your business management capabilities and enable you to get hands on professional exposure as well.There are many business fairs and other professional events as well where you can participate in and get an overview. Moreover, you also get to interact with the dynamic alumni network of the particular MBA programme you are pursuing. The more connections you make, the better you will get an overview of the business world.So if you have decided to pursue MBA, you can even opt for a distance MBA college in Bangalore.

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not, their is not any compulsion to do MBA after bba, but if they are intrested to do with masters then go with the base what you have taken. and you will be comfertable with your studies

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i have done bba in correspondence and iam trying for MBA in regular. are u doing the same?

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