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Well there are lot of things which you can expect from a integrated course:

B.Tech+MBA: will give you dual qualifications. Tech+Management is most desirable profile these days.

B.Tech+M.Tech: Will made u the same field expert. You will be technically sound. But Management factor will miss here.

So my advice to you is that go for UPES,Dehradun as it is the Asia's first energy sector university..

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โˆ™ 2011-09-02 12:11:22
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Q: Is bba MBA a better match or engineerng MBA?
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Can never be. BBA is a Bachelor's course and MBA is a Master's Course. So MBA is better than BBA.

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not, their is not any compulsion to do MBA after bba, but if they are intrested to do with masters then go with the base what you have taken. and you will be comfertable with your studies

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i have done bba in correspondence and iam trying for MBA in regular. are u doing the same?

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i have done bba in distance learning and MBA in full time course is it good for the job

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