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It's really not bad. When you wake up, you're pretty groggy for a while, but you don't remember anything. It's a pretty easy thing to go through. And if it's for wisdom teeth removal, I recommend it.

It's greeeeat, mind you when you wake its a bit woozy. You have some mad dreams, though.

They put me to sleep to remove my four wisdom teeth, and it wasn't that bad. You don't feel any pain, and that was definitely a plus not to feel it while they're doing it.

You may remember some stuff before they put you to sleep, but it won't be really clear. Going to sleep isn't scary or anything. It does feel slightly strange, though, because they stick some kind of tube up your nostrils. They also will do an IV. For me, that was the only thing that hurt before or during the surgery. As for after, I felt a lot of pain, but it was bearable.

Seriously, you should consider being put to sleep if you're having your wisdom teeth removed.

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Q: Is being put to sleep as horrible as it seems?
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