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Is bell's palsy hereditary?

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Bell's palsy or Facial Paralysis occurs on one side of the face as a result of an inflamed seventh cranial (facial) nerve; generally lasts only 2 to 8 weeks but may last longer in older individuals. The cause is still UNKNOWN; possible viral link.

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Did Greta Van Susteren have bells palsy?

She has never had bells palsy

What nerve is damaged in bells palsy?

The Facial Nerve is damaged in Bells Palsy

Is cerebral palsy a hereditary disorder?


Hpv cause bells palsy?

No, HPV is not associated with Bell's palsy.

Can HPV cause bells palsy?

HPV is not associated with Bell's palsy.

Can bells palsy spread from humans to dogs?

No. Bells Palsy is not a directly communicable disease. It may be caused by a virus, but the effect is not direct.

Is genital Herpes the only cause of Bells Palsy?

Genital herpes does not cause Bell's Palsy. Bells palsy may be associated with orofacial herpes or with lyme disease, as well as pregnancy.

Can you get social security disability for bells palsy?


Does Joe Mantegna have glass eye?

No, he has Bells Palsy

Did young jeezy ever have Bells palsy?


What can you do if you shake a persons hand when he has Bells Palsy?

Bell's palsy is not contagious, and no special precautions should be taken.

Can a tumor be a cause of bells palsy?

If a tumor is causing the nerve weakness, then it's not Bell's Palsy.Yes.

You have bells palsy and during your recovery you were told to stay away from cereal grain What foods contain cereal grain?

Avoiding Cereal Grain has not been proven to improve bells palsy. However b12 injections or tablets may help improve bells palsy it works on the neurolgical system.

Temporary paralysis of the fifth cranial nerve?

Bells palsy

Can a person with bells palsy smile?

not properly the can smile on one side

Name the disease which cause paralysis of the facial muscles?

Bells' Palsy.. ...

Can bells palsy cause heada ches?

It is unlikely. Bell's Palsy really only affects the trigeminal and/or facial nerves of the face.

Can embrel be taken if bells palsy is present?

If you have Bell's palsy, you should consult your rheumatologist regarding the wisdom of taking Embrel. It may be safe, or not, depending on the likely underlying cause of the palsy.

Is cerebral palsy hereditary?

Cerebral palsy is not an inherited condition. It is a result of an in jury or change that occurs in the developing brain either before or during birth.

Can the mandibular nerve cause bells palsy?

No; Bell's Palsy is a viral infection caused by the herpes virus during an immuno-compromised condition.

What effect does bells palsy have on occupational performance?

The answer depends on your occupation. I have known nurses, physicians, surgeons, and politicians with Bell's palsy for whom there was no impact.

What parts of the body can bells palsy affect?

Merely one side of the face.

What happen to WWE's Jim Ross?

JR is suffering from his 3rd bout of bells palsy.

Can dogs get bells palsy?

Dogs can sustain damage to their facial muscles, similar to Bell's Palsy in humans. This is referred to as canine idiopathic facial nerve paralysis.

Will medical third crainal nerve palsy resolve on its own?

yes third nerve palsies (Bells palsy) will typically resolve on their own. The llength of symptoms varies