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The bending stress in a beam is inversely proportional to the section modulus.

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Q: Is bending stress is directly proportional to section modulus?
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Relation between tensile stressbending moment and section of modulus?

The relation between bending moment and the second moment of area of the cross-section and the stress at a distance y from the neutral axis is stress=bending moment * y / moment of inertia of the beam cross-section

What is the main physical meaning of section modulus?

section modulus is a measure of the strength of a beam. The more the section modulus the more is the strength.

What is the importance of section modulus?

Sectional modulus of any section determines the strength of a section, i.e. if two sections made up of same material then the section with higher section moduls will carry higher load as the allowable stress is constant for a given material. in analysis of it is useful in determining the maximum stress value to which the section is subjected when the moment is konwn from the relation f=(M/Z) where f= stress at extreem fibre M= maximum bending moment on section Z= section modulus = (moment of inertia/ distance of extreem fibre from NA)

What is the plastic section modulus of steel section?

section modulus of any section is the ratio of the moment of inertia to the distance of extreem fibre from the neutral axis. plastic section modulus is the section modulus when the cross section is subjected to loading such that the whole section is under yield load. numerically it is equal to the pdoduct of the half the cross section area and the distance of center of gravity of tension and compression area from neutral axis

Plastic section modulus for beam sections- Any computer program for calculating the plastic moment or modulus for any beam section is available?

Plastic Section Modulus about the element local y-direction

What is Torssional section modulus?

Torssional section module

How does an object length affect its electrical resistance?

Assuming constant cross section, the resistance is directly proportional to the length.

What are the two factors of a wire that will alter its resistance?

The resistance of the wire is directly proportional to the length and inversely proportional to the area of cross section. Also it depends on the material of the wire with which it is made. So three factors. Length, area of cross section, material.

Units of section modulus?

Section Modulus is moment of inertia divided by distance from center of gravity to farthest point on the cross-section or I/c. The units of Moment of Inertia is distance^4 so the units of section modulus is distance^3 ( distance cubed ). So if your units are in meters: I/c = (m^4)/(m) = m^3

What is bending moment?

bending force is the amount of energy it takes to compromise the item from its natural shape or conditionA bending force is a combination of tension and compression.

What is the formula for section modulus of a cylinder?

pi x d3 / 32

How do you measure the resisting bending moment of a reinforced channel frame?

The resisting bending moment is the product of the yield strength (of the beam material) and the section modulus of the beam. The RBM thus combines the material attributes as well as the geometric attributes of the beam and gives a useful metric to compare different beams irrespective of material or sectional geometry.