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Possibly but not in large volumns. It's sometimes used in springs and computers.

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In what form is beryllium found in nature?

Pure beryllium is not found in nature. Beryllium compounds can be found in 30 different mineral rocks, soil, coal, oil, and volcanic dust.

Where is beryllium found?

Beryllium was first found in France and then in California. Production in: United States, China and Kazakhstan.

Where is beryllium found in?

Beryllium is found almost everywhere. It is the chemical component of rocks, soil, oil and coal.

What is beryllium hydroxide found in?

Formula of beryllium oxide: Be(OH)2

Where in the body is beryllium found?

Don't know where it's found, but am sure that beryllium and beryllium compounds are very toxic Category 1 carcinogens; they are carcinogenic to both animals and humans.

Where can beryllium be found naturally?

Important minerals of beryllium: beryl, chrisoberyl, phenakite, bertrandite.

What is the luster of the beryllium mineral?

Beryllium is an element found in numerous minerals of various lusters.

What is the address where beryllium was found?

The most importants mines of beryllium are in USA, China and Kazakhstan.

What element is found in emeralds?


Is beryllium found in cast iron?


What form is beryllium found in?


Is beryllium found in living things?

No it is not

Mineral group for beryllium?

Beryllium is an element found in the mineral beryl, which is classified as a silicate mineral.

What household item is beryllium found in?


Which element is found in emeralds and aquamarines?


What gems is beryllium found in?

Aquamarine and emeralds.

How is beryllium separated from other minerals found with it?


What types of particles are found in the nucleus of a beryllium?

The atomic nucleus of beryllium contain 4 protons and 5 neutrons.

How does beryllium form?

Beryllium, in the sense, is not formed. It is a pure element and cannot be created by normal means. Beryllium can be made in the lab, but there is really no need to because it can be found naturally.

What country was beryllium found in?

USA, China, Kazakhstan

How many neutrons are found in the Beryllium atom?


Where are the electrons found on the beryllium atom?

outside the nucleus.

What element is found in the mineral compound beryl?


Is beryllium volatile?

all elements are volatile- but at widely varying temperatures. beryllium- at temperatures found on earth (excluding volcanoes) is not.

What are some compounds of beryllium?

Beryllium chloride, Beryllium fluoride, Beryllium hydride, Beryllium hydroxide, Beryllium nitrate, Beryllium oxide, Beryllium sulphate, Beryllium carbonate, Beryllium carbide

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