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Can you be more specific on what Crystal Palace. There is one area in London, England known as the Crystal Palace, as well as several entities in London known as the Crystal Palace. There is also a nightclub in California known as the Crystal Palace.

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Q: Is best western beside crystal palace?
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It isn't anymore. The original Crystal Palace was built in Hyde Park London for the Great Exhibition of 1851 when Britain was at its industrial best, to showcase the latest Victorian innovations. When the exhibition was over, it was dismantled and re-erected in Upper Norwood, a suburb of southeast London and London's highest point. It was burned down in a fire in 1936 and the rumour is that the fire was deliberate because the huge glass structure would have been used as a navigation landmark by incoming bombers in the expected war which started in 1939. The stone foundations still remain and the surrounding area is now known as Crystal Palace as well as its original name of Upper Norwood. The local football team is also named Crystal Palace.

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